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    Possible Vancouver BC Meet

    i will volunteer and go purchase a box of nametag stickers for the meet! YAY for stickers! and if you're not excited now about stickers, you better be excited by SUNDAY.
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    Possible Vancouver BC Meet

    hi all, only 2 more sleeps. you can count me in considering i'm iamsmrt's chauffeur. i'll also bring some stuff, nothing really significant except for my e4c's (graduation present from the bf--yes, he is smrt). i'm not really in the mood for sharing earwax these days so i'll bring an extra...
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    suggestions for EARBUDS or CANALPHONES for ipod

    anyone out there have any opinions on the Audio-Technica ATH-CK5 or ATH-CM3? i love the brand and its signature but have never listened to their earbuds...just headphones and clip-ons.