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    S:flo2 2gb + 8gb card

    80 shipped conus + 13 for international shipping comes with usb + what ever accessorys i can find that go with it. lightly used and in 9/10 condition.
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    FS: sony cd3k / Jh13s

    $420 shipped conus + 3% for the cd3k's they are in 5/10 condition pretty worn look you could probably take them to a leather worker and have them fixed up pretty easily not no too expensively. $550 shipped for the jh13s comes with a custom made 30awg silver coax wire and a stock wire.   pm...
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    FS: Blue hawaii

    $2780 shipped if using money order, + 3.45% for paypal   any questions feel free to pm   also have o2mk1 fs
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    Headphones on average emit 4x recommended radiation of PC monitor?

    my meter couldn't pick up any difference between ultrasone and any other dynamic / ortho headphone. stax on the other hand :P
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    Why do sellers say 'CONUS only' ?

    customs just returned this for me and charged me $2 address is on it correct check the date hong kong and back takes time =/
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    Help Fixing Headphone Grados

    serious this is the best you could figure out buy some double sided tape and be done with it...
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    First Decent Headphones (Closed)

    m50s   shures are just meh
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    giving one set to a friend and one set to my father. afazelia is sachu's, amboyna is going to my friends he give me the wood, redwood is going to a member here.
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    amboyna burl need to do a set of these out of some high quality amboyna burl :P  
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    HiFace, sensitive information

    send 20 monopoly money with it :P
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    Any anime series that you've been enjoying?

    Quote: fma original is unwatchable in comparison to fma:bh