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    Show us your Head-Fi station at it's current state. No old pictures please...

    I have yet to try my RME AD-2 Pro FS R Black Edition as a recording interface. I plan on eventually ripping some vinyl as a start. Have you given that a go, yet? Thanks and very nice system
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    ESS 9038 Pro Successor?

    even Dacs from the late 90's by Burr-Brown are more than 'good enough' for any current audio application and may even still be slightly ahead of the game in some ways with their unique architecture that combines both PCM and DS methodology into a single converter. But tech has to move...
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    ESS 9038 Pro Successor?

    AKM not out of the game; they are struggling mightily though after their factory fire. I am betting they recover. Hoping, anyway. Competition is good.
  4. iFi Nano iGalvanic 3.0

    Just looking for one. Had not realized they were discontinued.
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    No More Russian Tubes

    I guess my purchase on a whim a few hundred Russian 6SN7 and 6SL7 equivalents, most still never opened in original sealed boxes, just for rainy day may have found its rainy day of sorts. Most all from FOTON, spanning the 1950's to 1980's. Yeah right... NO Big deal considering the large NOS...
  6. Icon Audio HP8 MKII Tube Headphone Amp

    I am selling my personal Headphone Tube amp. ICON AUDIO HP8 MKII This is one of the latest and newest models and has a build date of June 2021. I am only owner and took ownership shortly after the build date. This was a brand new, complete replacement for a previous unit that needed...
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    Pictures Of Your High End System II (Same Rules Apply)

    Go vols. And Luxman in my next brand of choice. When I have the time and money, Luxman tube integrated and a Luxman Dac is on the horizon Very nice to see!!!
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    iFi iDSD Micro DSD512 / PCM768 DAC and Headphone Amp. Impressions, Reviews and Comments.

    Wow. I started this thread way back in 2014. Who could have guessed it would last this long. iFi is quite the different company these days; likewise my understanding of digital audio is light-years ahead of 2014, although that is not saying much. Over the years I have received lots of PM...
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    Focal Clear Mg Review & Measurements

    I was afraid to mention this. I didn't wish to incur the wrath of all cables sound the same. Because I also was extremely dissapointed with the sound of my MG initially. I was determined to give them time, though, to burn-in. (Whether you think this is a legit phenomenon, or is the...
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    Icon Audio HP8/MP 3

    Sorry to go a different direction here, but I was not aware of the Mark2 , 2.1 and 2.2 designators What are the differences, and how can you tell which is which? All I know is this current one I am using has a build date earlier in 2021, but standard caps. The two others I have owned were...
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    Icon Audio HP8/MP 3

    Not a new production tube guy myself.. I have a collection of hundreds (once was thousands until I decided to liquidate most on eBay) NOS and lightly used vintage tubes. But these are BEAUTIFUL 6SN7 tubes. I am going to order a pair and see how they compare to the RCA 6F8G New Old Stock from...
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    Icon Audio HP8/MP 3

    the recap is extremely easy to do on this unit. Well, the output coupling caps anyway. I am not a novice at this, but certainly no expert. I am currently replacing a broken tube socket (the 9 pin input) on one of my two HP8. THAT is a difficult job for me. It requires great care, with lots...
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    Icon Audio HP8/MP 3

    In time I will check and see what caps are in the current model. Mine came from the very latest shipment from Icon to the USA. Music Direct is our only dealer here so they come in large batches all at once, therefore they can be out of stock for quite some time of any given model. Having...
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    Icon Audio HP8/MP 3

    I am on my THIRD Icon Audio HP8 MKII. First was used, purchased here on HeadFi used for a good price. Sounded really good. I ended up over-doing the tube roll and broke a socket. I still have this amp plus replacement sockets for replacement on a rainy day. Before I repaired that one, I...
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    Comment by 'MLGrado' on listing 'Icon Audio HP8mkII - Brand new, latest factory allotment'

    Someone buy this brand new item from me! Price negotiation fully expected folks... message me here and I am responsive in minutes...