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    post your grado mods....

    @GermanGuy - this is just the most novel and interesting mod I've seen in a very long time.  Just really neat.  So odd, yet the most creative and outside of the box audio device I've seen.   If I find the time, I need to try this.  I think I have some spare 80's drivers sitting around.  You...
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    WTB: Broken DT880 Driver Unit

    Have you tried reassembling it and giving it a listen?  Having been working on all sorts of headphones for the past three years, I'm quite confident that those two small holes will not be an audible difference.  I really wouldn't worry about it in my opinion.  Just disclose it when you go to...
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    Wanted: Hifiman HE-5

    Ahoy!  Please get ahold of me if you'd like to sell your HE-5's.  Thank you much! -Marty
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    Wanted: Dead Denon D2000 driver and/or a full set of working D2000's

    Goody!  I think I found a set.  Thanks Head-fi.  
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    Wanted: Dead Denon D2000 driver and/or a full set of working D2000's

    Hello, Looking for a dead driver for fitting purposes when I make cups.     Thanks.  Marty
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    Koda-2 T50rp based headphone

    These have been sold.  Thank you.
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    post your grado mods....

    I really like the way those look man.  They have an industrial/contemporary look that's pretty eye-catching.
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    Grado Fan Club!

    Ahhh.  I've actually been waiting for at least one person to just email me to say if they don't like it.  I've been wondering if it works for most people or not.     I'll be changing it back.   Sorry about that.   -Marty
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    Beyer DT 511 with box

    Still available and dropped the price.  
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    Beyer DT 511 with box

    Still available. 
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    Hifiman HE-500

    Edit: 7/13/2012   I'd really like to sell these today.  $500 shipped to USA.  International still requires $500 plus shipping.   Hello, these are in great condition and come with all original accessories as far as I know.  They're not getting much head time and I think I need alittle more...
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    Martin Customs Thread

        Sorry to hear that.  Yes, the true FWJ (the wood/metal gimbals built from scratch) require occasional maintenance.  If the driver is starting to get loose, there are several ways to handle it.  You can purchase a sheet of peel away foam from your local craft store and cut another...
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    Beyerdynamic T1 MINT balanced with DHC Nucleotide ***Shipping and adapter now INCLUDED in price***

    I can vouch for these T1's.  Stefan was kind enough to let me audition them prior to him putting them up for sale.  Great condition and the cable is super soft and flexible.     They'll be shipped from my place in Minneapolis, MN.
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    Beyer DT 511 with box

    Still up for grabs.  Dropped to $125 plus shipping.  So probably $10 to the US.