Shanghai, China (originally from UK)
Headphone Inventory
Yamaha EPH 100
Sennheiser HD 598
Audioquest Nighthawk - faves
Hifiman HE400i - ex-faves, just been demoted
Audeze Mobius - faves
Hifiman Ananda - new faves! Like, OMGFAVES!

Sony WH1000 Mk2 - wife's
AAW Q - wife's
Tin HiFi P4. T4? Whatever, the one with 4 in it. Wife's, though she never uses them.
Havi B3 Pro1
Sendiy M2
Unique Melody Macbeth - ex faves
InEars Prophile P8s - ex new faves (I still feel like I'm being disloyal!)
Unique Melody Mest (V1) - new faves (can't get enough of them!)
Fiio UTWS3 (not sure where to put these. Also, wow, they are fantastic!)
Headphone Amp Inventory
Cayin C5
Xduoo XD-05 (Burson V5i op-amp)
Little Dot Mk III
ifi iCan Micro SE
(just to say, since the Fiio M11 and the iBasso DX220, I don't use any of these now)
Source Inventory
Fiio X5
Fiio X5 III
Fiio M11 (ex daily driver)
iBasso DX220 (current daily driver, with Amp 8. Absolutely love it!)
LG V30 (technically, though I seldom use it for music)
Cable Inventory
Nobunaga Labs Odin (for the Prophile 8s) - balanced.
Other Audio Equipment
Schiit Audio Loki

Sony STR-DN1080 surround amp
DALI Oberon 7 floor standers
DALI Oberon 7 (I think) center speaker
Music Preferences
EDM, Chillout, Downtempo, Classical, Jazz, Blues, Pop, JPop, Soundtracks, Hip Hop (older), Dream Pop/Shoegaze.

To quote Wendy James: "Anything brilliant"
Teacher (Media and Film)


Current daily drivers:
- iBasso DX 220 (Amp 8) with UM Mest (sometimes Hifiman Ananda) Fiio UTWS3 (using more than I thought I would)
At work - Audioquest Nighthawks plugged straight into PC.
At home - Hifiman Ananda plugged into UR22 audio interface. Audeze Mobius for TV/Movies when the wife is asleep.