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    Comment by 'mirrorgl' in item 'Kennerton Gjallarhorn - dynamic headphones with horn drivers'

    The Class A Hybrid headphone holder looks attractive! But it's sad that it only can hold a smaller dac/amp.
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    Comment by 'mirrorgl' in item 'The Spectacular Final Audio D8000 Pro'

    Wow, what a luxurious box from Final Audio and I loooove it! The cable also looks good and elegant.
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    Custom Art FIBAE 7 announcement & impressions thread

    Thank you for sharing! I will look at it!
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    Comment by 'mirrorgl' in item 'Tuba - Vacuum Tube Headphone Amplifier'

    This amplifier looks so tiny and convenient. I'm glad it won't take to much space on my desk!
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    Comment by 'mirrorgl' in item 'Tin Hifi T2 Plus'

    The smooth curve is elegant! Also love the silver color and the no logo shell!
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    Comment by 'mirrorgl' in item 'Kinera Freya'

    This is my fav in-ear headphone artwork! But is the actual color is similar to the photo with white background or the black background one? I’m fascinated with blending color with white, pink, purple, and a little blue.
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    Comment by 'mirrorgl' in item 'AAW Halcyon'

    Hardcore look but I love it! The dark green looks very elegant with black color.
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    Comment by 'mirrorgl' in item 'Grado style gimbals'

    Nice design and great work! It's very unique and I love it. I'm willing to buy this kind of headphone holder!