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    Is there such a thing as cheap electrostatic headphones?

    Quote: Originally Posted by catscratch Also, on the note of cheap electrostatics... Nice reviews, catscratch.
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    HD600 just arrived! A/B with HD595 this weekend.

    Quote: Originally Posted by hentai Hd595 makes me shout along the rocker while hd600 makes me listen to the rocker. I'm sorry, but I just got a funny image of two headphones, each one with legs and arms, and they've got you tied to a wooden chair under a bright incandescent light...
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    Sennheiser HD 650 = the emperor's clothes?

    Quote: Originally Posted by tingj I just got these a couple of weeks ago, influenced in part by reviews on this site. I am disappointed enough to contemplate returning them. I have run them 24 hrs/day for 2 weeks to break 'em in but still can't seem to warm up to their sound. The...
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    Headphone amp for HD650s - do I need one?

    How do people feel about the Music Fidelty XCAN3? Also, when your HD650 burns in, it's like a small pool become deeper and deeper.
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    Amusing HD650 Thread Welcome to OCD hell.
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    Bad Burn-in

    Quote: Originally Posted by Leporello It was us, the hifi enthusiasts - to avoid the "buyer's remorse". See, usually even genuinely good pieces of gear do not sound as fantastically good as they are reputed (hyped) to sound. Instead of blaming our new piece of gear (and ourselves) we...
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    I'm torn...HD650's or SA5000's

    Breakpoint: Franz Schubert Symphony Number 8 First Movement-Allegro moderato Neville Marriner, Conductor Academy Of St. Martin-In-The-Fields Recorded London 8/1983 DDD I've had this recording forever. All the speakers I've owned, including Magnepan 3.6+subwoofer+Bryston, Ohm Walsh F...
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    Could you test out some of these mp3s?

    The thing I've noticed with high quality equipment is that it makes music sound so good you even start listening to stuff you never liked (before the hifi) simply because the certain recordings sound great on your system, and strangely music you used to like might sound really crappy on hi-fi...
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    Bad Burn-in

    Quote: Originally Posted by GreenEggs313 I'd say 90% of the 'burn in' people talk about here is just their ears adjusting to the sound signature of the headphone. Do you ever see posts where people have hated their headphone post-burn in? I've only seen posts where people were happy with...
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    Could you test out some of these mp3s?

    Outlaw makes a nice y adapter. I think it's about 25 bucks. There are some other nice y adapters for about 2000 dollars, also. But I don't plan to get those until I make the final payment on my Lambourghini station wagon.
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    Something for Sennheiser users to note..

    Quote: Originally Posted by Glod Hmm, I had a HD565 once which was eaten up by sunlight. First the velvet desintegrates and then the foam very quickly. Hmmm...hmm...some aerosolized solvents dissolve foam, also. Maybe your headphones are trying to tell you something. "What is...
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    if u think ur hd6x0 sounds dark, make sure u have worn it correctly.

    Helps to clean the dark sounding wax outta the ears, too.
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    Something for Sennheiser users to note..

    That's weird. I've had my 570s for about seven years and the foam is still nice and fluffy. Did you keep your headphones in direct sunlight (photoreduction, etc.)?
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    I own Bose, so hate me.

    It's Bose Headphones which triggered the Ice Age, and which also caused the Stock Market Crash of 1928.