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    How did you know when you reached your endgame?

    How do you know you have reached your endgame setup? When you own equipment that makes you happy by providing a deep emotionally satisfying connection to music, when you regret the last purchases that were supposed to be an improvement but were a disappointment, when the latest and greatest...
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    What's the best amp for HD800

    Hi Purk, Interesting that you say that about the ECP Audio L-3. You bought an L-2 prototype from me a little over two years ago, and I guess you then sold it and upgraded to the L-3 (?). I liked the L-2 a lot and thought Doug's amps are priced affordably for what they deliver sound-wise, but...
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    Review by 'minimus' on item 'Jerry Harvey Audio Sirens Series Roxanne Custom IEM'

    Bought these after years of happily owning the JH16s. The Roxanne is just too bass heavy, even when bass is "tuned" to the minimum possible. While the JH16s were my "go to" IEMs for many years, I rarely if ever listen to the Roxannes unless I need isolation from street noise.
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    IC: Eddie Current 4-45 with tubes

    I am not listening to my headphone rig as much as I used to, so I am checking to see if anyone has interest in this now out-of-production TOTL amp. It is from the first production run in 2014. It is in pristine shape. The 4-45 was somewhere above the Balancing Act in the hierarchy of Eddie...
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    The Apex Teton Review and Impressions Thread

    As far as tubes go, the 6SN7 has the most effect on the Teton's sound.  The warmest sounding tube I have used in this spot is the RCA 6F8G, the most detailed and dynamic is the Sylvania metal base.  Everything else is somewhere on a continuum between those two tubes. Do not waste your money on a...
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    IC: Eddie Current 445

    I am thinking about selling my Eddie Current 445. The amp is from the first build run, so it has the original box-like chassis with transformers enclosed rather than seated on top of the chassis. The amp has been used very sparingly and functions as new. This is a great amp that can drive...
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    [REVIEW] Future Sonics Spectrum Series: G10 and impressions thread

    Does anybody know how these compare to Westone W20s?  I am trying to decide between the G10 sand the Westone W20s, which are both in the same neighborhood in terms of price.  I am most interested in SQ, but isolation and comfort for long flights are also quite important to me.  I will not be...
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    The Apex Teton Review and Impressions Thread

    Lojay, thanks for your comments...they seem reasonable.  At the end of the day,  I think we have different priorities and preferences.  I have far more money invested in my 2-channel speaker rig than in headphone equipment and my 2-channel electronics don't have a tube anywhere in the signal...
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    The Apex Teton Review and Impressions Thread

      Lojay, I don't have any problem with your views about the two amps.  Opinions differ, and you come by your opinions honestly.   But I have a few comments that crescendo to a rant-- I think people get the false impression that the 445 is less expensive than the Teton, comparing the prices of...
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    The Apex Teton Review and Impressions Thread

    I doubt you are going to hear from anyone who has heard both amps.  I had never even heard of the Cypherlabs Prautes before reading your question.  Lots of amps supposedly pair well with HD800s -- although those claims sometimes come from people who haven't heard much else.   In my mind, the...
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    ECP Audio L-2

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    The Apex Teton Review and Impressions Thread

    Lojay, Not sure about the Raytheon 6528. Did you buy it from Todd? The only 6528 I really like are the TI or Tung Sol 6528. I bought one other brand on eBay and it sounds lousy in comparison. You can also dabble with rectifiers. I do believe the Mullard U52, TI 6528, and TS BGRP 6F8G is the...
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    JVC's new flagship DX2000?

    The LCD-2 is a better sounding headphone. My DX-1000s are similar in sound to the HD-650s, with more detailed bass. The LCD-2 has even better bass. Neither headphone is anywhere close to the HD800 properly amped The main problem with the DX-1000 was that they were not durable and JVC provided...
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    The Apex Teton Review and Impressions Thread

    Thanks. A while ago, someone PM'd me who had the Teton loaner to say that the Sylvania metal base 6SN7 sounded absolutely phenomenal in the Teton, so I might hunt one down.
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    DAC recommendations under 10,000 bucks

    Of the DACs I have heard in that price range, I liked the Bricasti the best. Although i have not heard them, I have read nothing but praise for Totaldac and for the Empirical Audio Overdrive SE, and both companies allow you to try and return the DAC if not to your taste.