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    Best Bass Headphones in The World

    I was thinking the same thing... Not the greatest pairs of headphones around, and to be honest, I almost get sick of looking at them.
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    WORST headphone you ever heard?

    Oh yeah, I remember having an old pair of Sentry earbuds that were required for school once, those things did not fit in your ears at all and the only things you heard was the midrange, nothing else was present. Lower frequencies are distant, and the highs are almost non-existent.
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    Logitech UE 350

    So, I just purchased a pair of UE 350's for my father this holiday, and I was wondering if they were the right buy. He was using the Bose IE2s (no inline remote) and they're getting kinda old. Yes, I know Bose isn't the greatest thing, but it suited his purpose. Will the UE 350s be a big...
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    WORST headphone you ever heard?

    Hmm... The worst one I've ever heard was a pair of earbuds from "better than nothing INC." I got on a school visit. Muffled sound, no bass, trebles sounded like you were listening to a pair of speakers from 100 feet away, and the fitment was below par. Nonetheless, they were free so I just gave...
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    Best Bass Headphones in The World

      You mean those car tires from Sony? I want them. Bad. Like really bad. The XB-1000s are probably the best bass-head headphones out there.
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    Best Bass Headphones in The World

    I like the XB500s, and they are pretty EQ-flexible for even more bass if you want it. Good deal too, I got mine at $60 even when they were discontinued.
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    Electronic Music Exchange (House, DnB, Dubstep, etc.)

      I just love the feeling you get from hardstyle, you feel the artist next to you, it is a totally different feeling. Tonight is one of my first hardstyle songs I listened to, and I've always had a soft spot for it.    
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