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Mar 30, 2019
Dec 10, 2014
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Self employed.

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New Head-Fier

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Mar 30, 2019
  • About

    Self employed.
    Anything of a technical nature.
    -Science (Creation+Evolution)
    -Product development (inventing)
    -Sports Science+Nutrition
    -Physical Culture (1800s-1960s)
    -Computer Science
    -Acoustics + Psychoacoustics
    -Electroacoustic+mechanical engineering
    Headphone Inventory:
    Uhh yeah, this could be a very long list...

    Vintage+latter day

    Stanton ST-2, XXI, DP35/40/50 and 60
    LaFayette F990
    JVC HP20
    Pioneer SE-A1000 and SE-L20A
    Sony DR-5A and 3A
    Toshiba HR-50
    Quadraflex Q-35
    Amara SP-206
    Realistic Pro 20
    Koss Pro 4 in green, Pro 4AA,'stereophones' in black, 1967+1972 Stereophones
    Telex Adjustatone
    Vanco DR92c
    Pickering PH4933 (green), 4955 (brown)
    B&O Form 1
    Takstar TS671 and HI2050
    Philips SHP9500, X2, 5205bk, 5905bk and SHP2000
    Koss SP5
    JVC SZ2000, S680 and HA-M55X
    Sennheiser HD419 and HD439
    Superlux HD681 and Evo
    HiFiman HE400
    Audeze Sine
    ... various others, some 70 in total.
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    iFi iDSD Micro
    Schitt Magni + Fulla
    M-Audio Bass Traveler
    Source Inventory:
    Toshiba i3 laptop, Foobar, JRiver MJ14 and MC22.
    Power-Related Components:
    APC battery back-up.
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Various studio monitors, subwoofers, 7.2 AVR, turntables, vintage tower speakers etc
    Music Preferences:
    Blues+Jazz, Classic Rock, GOA, EDM, Baroque, anything acoustic or acapella.
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