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    Schiit Modi USB DAC

    Ah, I see. I was worried that I might have receive one that didn't work properly. 
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    Schiit Modi USB DAC

    Is it normal for the sound to fade away if you pick up or put pressure on the modi while it's playing music?
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    Good sleeping in ear headphones?

    Can any one recommend good headphones that you use for sleep, around $100. (Extra details) I can only sleep on my stomach with my head facing towards my right or left and my ear on the mattress. My favorite in ear headphones (ckm500) stick out too much and they hurt my ears. Only using one...
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    Do I need a new amp+dac?

    I bought DT 880 pros (250 ohm) headphones.    I plugged them directly into my pc's onboard sound; the volume went plenty loud but the sound was crap. I then plug them into a UDAC-2 that i got for $50, and it sounded much better and they are actually enjoyable. They sound ok through my phone...
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    balanced armature earphones, with nexus 4?

    Would it be a good idea or a waste of money to pair an ATH-IM01 or 02 with a nexus 4 and play spotify? When launched the nexus 4 was a much cheaper phone than the rest of its competition. I imagine they used cheaper components for the sound. It also seems that balanced armature iems are picky...
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    ATH-M50 or cks 77x ?

    the cks 77x  are around 80$ and they seem to be good, the ath m50 are around 120$ and a lot of people seem to like them. I cant decide which one to get, because the m50 might have better sound because they are bigger, but my nexus 4 might not provide enough power to get good sound quality...
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