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    hehe... I remember seeing a cig-fi :)   Just got into e-cig about 2 months ago and been spending my $ there... head-fi + e-cig are definitely not healthy to my wallet!   Just a few of my stuff.   Hi pseudohippy!        
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    2012 Headphone Meet @ LAX Hilton - Saturday, August 18, 2012 - OFFICIAL THREAD

    I have the few items I am bringing all ready to go!  so looking forward to the meet!
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    2012 Headphone Meet @ LAX Hilton - Saturday, August 18, 2012 - OFFICIAL THREAD

    Added to calendar before I forget:) getting very excited.  Still bringing a few headphone and the ibasso dx100 so a just a little spot in the general hangout area would be nice, 
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    some guy used keys from wasdkeyboards for his steelseries 6gv2 keyboard if that's what you have.
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    The LA Meet @ The Village 4/22/12: Wow!

      Quote:   I am not sure whose DX100 you heard as mine was also on a table close to the door.  (if it is the one that has Chinese/Korean/Japanese music, then that should be mine). I did have 2 Diane Krall albums on my dx100 and they are from HDTracks both 96kHz/24bit   I don't...
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    Shaving, gents

    A few more shaving stuff arrived in the last few days. A lot of the purchases were based on member recommendation.     Pretty sure I am done with blades/soap/cream/etc for the next few months at least. I think I have a good sample of various products and hopefully in the next few...
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    2012 Headphone Meet @ LAX Hilton - Saturday, August 18, 2012 - OFFICIAL THREAD

    I am in!   I'll bring Audio Technica W3000ANV/W1000X + iBasso DX100 or whatever is in my profile (all low end but may be of interest to someone new to the hobby).    
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    The Village Headphone Meet 2012 (Southern California) - Sunday, April 22, 2012

    I am in!   If ppl are interested, I can bring w3000anv/w1000x + iBasso DX100 or whatever is in my profile. don't have any real high end fun stuff.    
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    Cheap HD25 / M80 in Japan?

    Think that's the price they will offer for your headphone.
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    Watches - another passion of ours, it your pics!

    Longines is consider "high range" brand in The Swatch Group while Omega is consider a luxury/prestige brand   I kind of like Longines for the silliest reason.   1. I think its name in chinese is very romantic :)   2.Her :)      Fortunately, they are not too expensive so I will...
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    浪琴 林志玲.jpg
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    Gundam Model-Fi (Gunpla) (Post Some Pictures!)

    I wish I have more time to do more kits, I have so many sitting around but I just can't seem to commit the time.   The one I am working on currently is a RG...  take very little effort to build if you don't paint and just do panel lines but still very detailed.   I am in the process of...