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  1. Headphones Full-Size (Community Gallery)

    Headphones Full-Size (Community Gallery)

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    Review by 'Mikeopellos' on item 'Audio Technica ATH-IM02 balanced amature inner earphone'

    Hello headfiers :D   Until now I was in the haunt for a great IEM with very detailed and accurate midrange as well as balanced bass and treble. I looked at some hybrids, and some of the westone options, and  a guy in head-fi recommended these to me. I didn't know much about these because they...
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    Review: Philips CitiScape Uptown (Updated Sept 18, 2012)

    I own the uptowns , and heard a number of time the m50's and the uptown beat them only in terms of sound , less bass better more refined crisp midrange , more extended highs , less fatiguing :)
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    Reply to review by 'mikeopellos' on item 'Westone W30 Triple Driver Universal Fit Noise Isolating Earphones, 78503'

    I am also in the haunt for a 300-400 $ iem and i had into consideration the fidue a83 and t-peos h300. I am leaning towards the fidue but now that i read your review am confused. Am not a die hard basshead , but I enjoy some bass rumble aka not a dry plain sound. Also i would prefer iems with...
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    RHA T10i Tour & Impressions Thread

    Thanks a lot for the recomendation , also how does the Fidue A83 sound in comparison with the Ma-750 ? ( even though its double the money )
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    So this guy claims that the Uptown's top the M50's....

    I have listened to both the Uptowns and the M50s and the guy has a point. And he is a reputable source. The Uptowns are comfier and they have better mids , but the are not practical for traveling as the M50s are. They have a flat EQ which makes them good with almost any genre of music unlike the...
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