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    Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

    I have been using JBL bluetooth for the past few months and its honestly fantastic. 8 Hours battery life, water resistant and more importantly sounds great. I actually came today to the forums to look for any impressions on the new shure line but im a little bit confused as i still cant find the...
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    Jh audio Repairs

    Good day everyone, I tried searching the forums but i couldnt find any relevant info. I bought my jh13 pro about 4 years ago but now the drivers in my right ear piece are moving around, though no degradation in sound quality and the cable's pins on both sides dont fit snuggly in the sockets as...
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    JH Audio JH-13 PRO impressions thread

    I was quoted $30 for the loose connectors on my 13s few months back. Not sure about the tip though.
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    The Audeze LCD-2 Ortho thread (New)

    Quote:   This is just ridiculous if it is not a way an lcd2 worth that much imo.i would place an lcd2 below hd800 and jh13 soundwise.......its not even close.i was bummed when i paid 995$ + shipping a year ago for it after i heard what it had to offer, so over $1k is way over...
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    Putting Together A Rig (amp, dac, etc.) Around The LCD-3's - Need Opinions/Suggestions/Recommendations

    Quote: you wont find imaging/seperation/detail/analytical/warm/bassy/soundstage/non trebly in the have to prioritiz what you are looking for. if you are looking for a warm,musically fun and bassy headphone as you said in the last paragraph,then the lcd2 will be perfect for you...
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    The Official Cigar Thread

    ^^thanks for the link.i just went wild with my order. Got a box of 10 of Cohiba maduro5 Genious, box of 10 of padron Anneversario 1926 #6 Maduro and a box of 25 of padron 1964 Maduro corona. And yes I'm a fan of maduro:))
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    Rate The Last Movie You Watched

    The Giant Mechanical man. zero/10. not even one minute of enjoyment.
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    Sennheiser HD800 Appreciation Thread

    Been listining to my 800's for the last few days.Definatly a keeper. no problems with the treble what so ever.i dont find it harsh at all. not like the k701.bass is great as well,perfect quantity and quality. not as overpowered,bloated to some degree like the lcd2.but im not a fan of the lcd2...
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    Sennheiser HD800 Appreciation Thread

    recieved my HD800 couple of hours ago.serial 19xxx. Overall good first impressions,i dont detect any harshness yet on the couple of albums i listened to thus far so good, havent done direct comparison to my jh13 just yet. i dont hear speaker like soundstage as others have mentioned but...
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    Woo Audio Amp Owner Unite

    Quote: dont want to derail the thread but regarding your thread that was rightfully didnt say the whole story.  you didnt provide the screenshot of you warning him about the 3 months period AND that he agrees about that option.i find it hard to believe that someone who can...
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    Rate The Last Movie You Watched

    Quote: just finished it. 3/10. im not a fan of steve, but that certainly took the cake for the worst movie ive seen him in.   Looper 8/10. nice. few odds here and there but enjoyable.
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    Sennheiser HD800 Appreciation Thread

    Quote: definatly agree with that.   i payed my dealer this morning, it should be here in a few weeks.
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    JH Audio JH-13 PRO impressions thread

    i thought my location was clear how many country had Pharaohs in it?
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    JH Audio JH-13 PRO impressions thread

    Quote: pff. just emailed jh about my problem and they told me the sockets may be eroded and became loose. they said they would replace the sockets on both sides for $50. not sure what to do because i will pay another $50 for shipping and  they will probably charge me for the return...
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    Sennheiser HD800 Appreciation Thread

    hmm.i should pay my local dealer tomorrow to place my order since its a special order and im the first one in my country to get the hd800 so it will take a few weeks to arrive. if i bought it used i will pay about $250 taxes so it will be the same as buying a new one. But im still having second...