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    Grado Headphones OR Maverick Audio Tubemagic Amp for new Pink Floyd record

    I've always felt something special listening to Gilmour's guitar with Grados. Looking forward to the new album myself :)
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    Show us your Head-Fi station at it's current state. No old pictures please...

    Overhauled my setup since last summer (and still just as bad at photography).  
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    HD800 - Pink Floyd Time - Very Shrill Bells

    I use a pair of RS1s for PF and I know exactly what you mean. I've always found the Animals album, specifically Dogs, had some shrill but oh so sweet guitar. Ditto for some parts of Shine On You Crazy Diamond. You could check out the squawking in the middle of Echoes as well. With that said I...
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    JVC JL-A20 TT

    I've been interested in getting into vinyl some day and ran across my dad's old JL-A20 turntable and vinyl collection. I'm just curious if anyone knows how this model ranks among others? The belt drive and stylus look to be needing a replacement, which seems like a cheap fix.
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    HD580 & HF-1, looking for a new sound

    I'm looking for a new sound, my source is a 0404 + gilmore lite with an hf1 and hd580. Some of the choices that popped in my head were grabbing a pair of DT990, HD600/650, AKG 701s. Anyone have any suggestions?
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    Sirius Radio Bitrate Quality

    I signed up for the 3 day free trial and tried some of the stream lists on their site, I can't say it sounded good at all either. I'm wondering what bitrate they use and will it only sound bad when streamed and not if I use the actual receiver plugged into my comp? Or is it just the 3 day trial...
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    DAV-DX250 or HS Classic

    Which amp would give a bigger boost to phones like the 580s; an HS Classic or the headphone output on a DAV-DX250 receiver? I tried to find specs on the old classic but couldn't come up with any, but here is some info on the receiver:
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    Buying Grados in Canada?

    Does anyone know of any Canadian places or dealers that will ship Grado headphones? Thanks!
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    0404 not playing sounds

    Does anyone else have a problem with the 0404 not playing certain sounds at all, like in games or even the windows startup song? I have a feeling it is patchmix because I also tried hooking up my revo 7.1 to the 0404's input digitally. What that did was allow me to hear a couple more sounds than...
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    Grado pad types - clearing up

    How comfortable really are the comfies? Doesn't the driver practically touch your ear if the pad gets worn down enough?
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    Comparable 0404 Card

    What about a mini to mini coupler, would that degrade sound quality slightly?
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    Comparable 0404 Card

    Are there any comparable cards to the e-mu 0404? Does the 1212 have the same way of connecting as the 0404? And are they any m-audio cards with the same quality?
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    Hi, I'm planning on improving my current stereo setup which consists of 580s w/ stock cable, Headsave Classic, Revo 7.1 and a deadly silent comp. I have around $500-600 to work with. Last year I was looking to replace my can's stock cables, but now I'm not sure that it would help me out with...
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    Hearing loss, and no clue why

    Hello! I'm new here but I've been reading for ages. I went to the doctor a week ago to find that my loss of hearing in my left ear was caused by ear wax buildup (had a history of it when I was younger). Since last week I've been taking this Ceromol wax remover liquid, but if anything my...
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    Revo, 580's, MiniMe - what next?

    I have a Revo, 580's, MiniMe and I'm pretty happy with this setup atm. What would be the next big thing to upgrade? I'm thinking either cables or a new independant source (as much as I like using my comp as one). Any advice?