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    Feedback by 'Michiyo-Fir' on listing 'WTB: Sennheiser HD600/650/660'

    Wonderful transaction with Melting735, very responsive and quick turnaround to ship the item. Highly recommended!
  2. WTB: Sennheiser HD600/650/660

    Looking for reasonable/good condition HD600 or 650. Will consider all reasonable offers. Possibly 660 would be fine too but it’s a bit out of my budget. Will consider offers though. Shipping to Canada. Actually I strongly prefer Canada to Canada transactions as there have been some Covid...
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    Are custom IEMs still popular?

    I think it's still very much in demand.  I personally would never go back to non-customs.  I just love my JH13s and JH5s SO much.  Better than anything I've ever heard.  Although it gets expensive and troublesome when you break one by dropping it... Which i've done twice now.  Had my JH13s...
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    TWag OM no sound in one ear

    I have a 48 inch TWag OM cable for my JH13s but yesterday, all of a sudden there's no more sound from my left ear.     The IEM is fine because I tested it with the right side of the cable and it works so there's something wrong with the TWag.   Since they're pretty expensive, can I get...
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    JH16 or JH5

    I have the JH5s and the JH13s.  I think the JH5s, like everyone else, is amazing for the price.  If you're a little short on money, get the JH5s, you won't be disappointed coming from a universal to the custom.   I upgraded from the Shure SE530s to the JH5 and found the JH5s to be an...
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    Unique Melody Remold Impressions Thread

    I've had my JH13s reshelled for the 2nd time.  The first reshell broke with extended use.  I probably bumped it somewhere, I have no idea.   Here's the first reshell.       And 2nd reshell, both are done by UM.       Fit and build quality were perfect for both reshells.
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    Time for customs! ES5 vs. JH13 vs. Miracle

    I used to listen to the Shure 530s before I got into JH products.  I haven't heard the Miracle or the ES5 but I have to say the JH13's mids are just as good, if not better than the SE530s (I've heard the SE535s are very very similar).  The bass is nice and tight, but not a ton in quantity.  It...
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    Custom IEM Set-up

    I recommend the JH13 as well.  With the JH3A it sounds even better but that's optional..   I haven't tried the other IEMs other than a JH5 so I can't compare them.   I use my JH13 with an iModded ipod from Red Wine Audio and I'm using a Mini3 headphone amp.  I also am using the Whiplash...
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    JH13 UM Remold, is this a cracked shell? Or air bubbles?

    Hi everyone,   Recently I cracked one of my JH13 shells and sent the whole thing to UM to be remolded.  When it came back, right now it has this problem.    I can't really tell if it's air bubbles (in that case it doesn't bother me), or the inside is cracking.   I've done one remold...
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    Unique Melody Remold Impressions Thread

    Quote:   They actually made mine in about a week.  I did rush them twice though.  The rest of the 2 weeks were spent on shipping back and forth.  I didn't have much of a problem with them being slow other than not receiving email replies for a little while and not knowing if my jh13s had...
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    Unique Melody Remold Impressions Thread

    Quote:   UM was telling the turnaround time was 25 days when I did my remold about 2 months ago.  It took less than 25 days for the actual remold and it was never in customs for more than 3 days.  I only reported $50 value though like I usually do.  I usually report low value but get...