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    Canlanta 2016

    Never fear, "I" is here. **BRENT**
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    Music City Meet Vol. 3 -- Nashville, TN -- Spring 2015 (April 18, 2015)

    If you remind me I may come out. I will bring the bestest stuff ever, if I make it. I will probably run things off a cellphone running Tidal, and you will love it. **BRENT**
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    CanLanta 2013 May 4th Meet Impressions

    Hey Theogenes,   Thanks for the write-up! If anyone wants to know more about the AriPower (the orange tube amp), LMK and I'll try to post some details. With the Stax SRS-002s, the MSRP is actually only 650ish, and re: fit, it took me a few days to get it dialed in with various tips and...
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    CanLanta 2013 May 4th Meet Impressions

    I'm still listening to the AriPower and R10s on the Matrix... at 3am... at a friend's place. I'm pretty impressed. My phone died just after the meet, so I was just able to check the thread. Many thanks to Trav for putting on a great event! I had a great time talking to the Aurisonics and...
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    CanLanta 2013

    Quote: I didn't know your HV was done. Nice! I'm looking forward to the meet, guys, and don't forget, the room rate ends VERY soon (tomorrow, I think?)  Trav, when is it?   **BRENT**
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    Stax: SR 002 + Srm 002 and Srm 003 mk2 + Srm 003 impression and appreciation thread

    I've been listening to these more and more at work, and I'm still really digging them. Fit wise, I kept forgetting to bring the other tips to work to try (when I get to listen away from the hustle/bustle of family life), but a couple days ago I remembered them.  I finally wound up with a...
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    Looking for Head-Fi Members in the Nashville / Middle Tennessee / North Alabama / Kentucky area

    Hey guys.  I'm in Chattanooga here, but i'm helping to host CanLanta on May 4th.  I could possibly be up for a meet in the Nashville area, but feel free to check out the CanLanta thread.  We have some vendors coming in, and it's looking like a pretty big meet. **BRENT**
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    CanLanta 2013

    Quote: JP ftw! SO needs to chime in, as he's gonna come up too.  Colin too (just don't know if he knows it.)   **BRENT**
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    Atlanta meeting October 23, 2011

    I'd like to thank the A-VCOA and Mike especially for putting together the meet. This was the second headphone meet with the A-VCOA, with the last being summer of 2009. Since then we've all had some changes to our rigs, additions, subtractions, but it's all been interesting. Including mine...
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    Just in case you guys follow this and missed the other thread... we're having another meet this weekend. Hope to see some of you there. **BRENT**
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    Atlanta meeting October 23, 2011

    Toshee... weren't you at the May, 2010 meet? I think I remember your screen name from back then (the last time I was down). If you can think of any other locals, please let them know about this... should be a good time. **BRENT**
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    Official Atlanta 2010 Meet Thread

    In case you guys are subscribed and not checking this forum... new meet next week. Trav, fly out. **BRENT**
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    Atlanta meeting October 23, 2011

    Thanks for doing so much work on this, Mike.  I'm rather interested in the raffle now as well!   Along with my semi-custom tube amp (The AriPower Extremely Extreme Extreme^Extremeth Power) I'll be bringing along an M^3, which can be purchased ready to go from some places (like Rockhopper...
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    Atlanta meeting October 23, 2011

    Hi Mike,   I should be able to attend.  I'll bring my iPad/Headamp Pico Dac/amp or two combo.  I have some Sennheiser HD580/600 grills/650 cable combo right now. I know you guys were thinking about portable stuff, so I'll see if I can't dig up something else as well.   Can't wait!  ...
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