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    ath-w5000's are SHOCKING

    >any odor from seeping into the pads. ? Your head smells? Yeah, that might be why.. think I'll have someone knit some w5000 booties for the wings!
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    Grounding is a b**ch

    The hum from my laptop's audio out is noticeable if the volume is low or off. I got an m-audio Transit and it's gone and lovely. Costs ~$100.
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    What's Become of the Karma?

    Quote: Originally Posted by gshan "1. Rio Karma -> Chroma: Based on sort-of-but-not-really official information, it'll be 30 gigs The page says 20, are you sure it's 30? I'm already over 20gigs of music (using 320kbps on all my stuff) and I can't, for the life of me...
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    Where to buy PS-1's in Germany

    err- no it doesn't make any sense. If it costs me $1400, that's -twice- what I paid for my rs-1's... Ps-1's aren't going to kill sales for the rs-1's at prices like that.
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    Do you like your Headphile Grado C-Pads?

    I only got them for comfort and only had my 325i's for about a week before I put them on, so that plus not being familiar with all the adjectives about how to describe the sound, I'm a poor person to comment on them other than comfort. I have the beta with 4 ports and it sound good to me...
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    C PAds from headphile

    Here's a better picture of the pads- I haven't seen one up close. It's smallish, but the forums REALLY limits the size (25k...). Silly. Mail me and I can send much larger versions including install shots.
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    Shure earphone advice regarding comfort and isolation

    I've got the e2c's and the isolation is pretty good- riding my bike with them got more dangerous because I couldn't hear as much. Other than that, the sound quality, I thought, was great, and very detailed. I heard things that I'd never heard before-- Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit song (I...
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    1/8" male jack prongs wearing down!

    Apprently, taking my highend in-ear bugs and swapping them between various mp3 players at work, in the car, and in the backpack, has worn down the plug a little so that it becomes difficult to get stereo playback. Is there any way to resuscitate them or prevent this from happening in the...
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