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    Porcupine Tree, anyone?

    Nice to see a PT thread resurrected...might have been this thread that got me listening to them a few years back.  I have since collected and digested most all of their albums.   For those that want to check out earlier PT albums I would highly recommend "Up the Downstairs" and "Signify"
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    BEST ALBUM OF THE DECADE! Argue with it... if you can!

    meh...I listened to that album at least 3 or 4 times and have taken nothing memorable from it. It was a big let down, at least with all the hype and expectation it had. Best album of the decade would have at least given me one song to remember, or a reason to keep listening and grind it out...
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    JVC marshmellow help

    Tried the over the ear method and actually use that most of the time but it doesn't help all that much. Thanks though.
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    Finally; NEW Massive Attack album "Heligoland" coming in Feb:

    Doh...guess i'll wait to catch this in the used section. I was excited when I saw the thread; though I haven't been listening to the genre in a couple of years I have always been a MA fan. I kinda felt slightly let down from 100th window so I wasn't expecting much, its is just tough to...
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    Guns N' Roses - Chinese Democracy - Buckethead

    +1 for Buckethead guitar work On a side note there are some recent rumors that Gibson is gonna make a signature model for Bucket. AKA the infamous white LP. Anyways, I think it will be a decent album but I am not holding my breath. I will wait for the reviews. PS. It is definitely not...
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    Rate The Last Movie You Watched

    The Fountain - 9/10 Really liked it, very good story.
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    How many of you make/have tried to make music?

    hobbyist music player/maker here been messing around with guitar for 14 years...I'm not very good but it is fun Just starting to get around to recording some of my stuff
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    Albums you hated at first, but love now

    Radiohead - Hail to The Thief
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    AC/DC or Van Halen (Cast your vote)

    Wow, i'm quite surprised at the results. I voted Van Halen. AC/DC is great and all but their songs sound the same most of the time.
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    Poll: Best/fav Nine Inch Nails Album?

    The Fragile ...Downward Spiral (a close second)
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    Do You Like Or Dislike COLDPLAY And Why?

    Never liked em... They sounded like a radiohead wanna-be when I first heard them. Then I heard that song yellow and almost lost my lunch.
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    Johnny Cash or Willie Nelson (Cast your Vote)

    Cash ...just because I don't know any Nelson songs to compare the two
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    Recommended instrumental guitar/rock/metal album

    Paul Gilbert Tony Macalpine
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    New guitar!!! (800x600 Pics Inside)

    Nice looking guitar. Love Strats myself. If you want to spice it up even more swap that pickguard out for some pearloid. Sounds like the tone controls might actually get some use...ehh, at least the distortion switch. One thing I never really liked about electric guitars is the tone knobs...