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    Cavalli Audio's Liquid Carbon Owners Impressions

    I also run my Alpha Primes fully balanced, but I only need 1x gain with volume from 11-1 o'clock. This might be completely wrong and stupid of me but on your picture your Input Selector is set to Red which means you're running SE input according to the manual. Could that be the reason for you...
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    Reply to review by 'mccao' on item 'Stoner Acoustics EGD'

    Thank you for the great review. I was deciding between getting this and getting the Emotiva DC-1 for my Cavalli LC, I think I will buy the EGD now, fingers crossed!
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    The iBasso DX50 Thread - Latest firmware: 1.9.5 - June 30, 2016

    Have you found a way to disable input without the use of another DAC? I only have the Dx50 and I'd always BSOD before getting into the output settings to disable it.
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    How should I drive my new K712 Pro? (budget)

    ALSO: What if I were to simply use the DAC mode on my ibasso DX50 and plug that into a Magni 2? Isn't the magni a better amp than the one on the Fiio e10k? Or is the magni only worth getting when combined with a modi?
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    First CIEM for an amateur - good bass and mid range for funk, classic pop & rock please!

    I've only had two pairs of real IEMs, the Shure se210 & 425, and I loved them both. They both offer clean, detailed sound and great vocals, however recently I began to desire some more excitement - a thicker sound (although not by too much) - and a punchier bass.   Price Range: Around...