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    LCD-2 VS Grado RS1 for Rock

    You're one of the few reasons why Head-Fi is still worth venturing into occasionally.  Someone who has the experience of high end equipments and tell us not as experienced folks how it is without the BS.     I commend you.  You should be a mod :D Quote:  
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    STILL confused about which DAC+AMP to get after doing research and more research   Schiit Audio has a 15 day satisfaction guarantee.  You can listen to your Schiit Audio products for 15 days, evaluate before making a decision to keep or return.   -  You do pay for the shipping fees and they subtract 5% from your refund...
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    Audio-GD NFB-12

    Try this.  I'm guessing your desktop uses an Intel chipset, pretty much 95% of motherboards that have a socket for Intel CPU do today.     Download the official desktop chipset drivers from Intel.     Then right click on the installer.     Set the compatibility mode to Vista SP2.  ...
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    Simaudio Moon 380D Dac and 180 MIND

    How many audio companies have been introducing the same DAC over and over again in the last few years now?  Just wondering.  Who is the manufacturer for them?  Who else does the manufacturer, manufacturer for?  Is this really a different, unique item?  Or is it just the same crap with a new...
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    Replacing my M-DAC

    Have you heard a DA11, Antelope Zodiac to even know if spending another $1000-2000-3000 will make any difference in quality to your music?  Have you done any testing where you were not told which device you were listening to and did not know the price tag of the item and be able to distinguish...
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    Emotiva XDA-1 24/192 Balanced DAC/Digital Preamp for $250 (clearance)

    Have you considered the Schiit BiFrost?  Reviews are good for it.  Or just check out the Head-Fi sales forum.  Maybe you can get a deal there.
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    Amp/DAC combo for wife

    I bought an Audio-GD NFB-12 with dual WM8741 D/A using ACSS current technology.  Fully discrete output, amp uses a custom RK27 potometer, should be good.  The sound doesn't distort with volume like traditional voltage amps do.  It has USB, Coaxial and Optical input.  USB is 24/96 input, feeds...
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    Audio-GD NFB-12

    Audio-GD's website now lists NFB-12 and NFB-12.1.  Not sure what the differences are, anyone know?  The information page hasn't been updated.
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    Have d5000+compass worth getting hd650?

    I don't think so.  The HD650 are very warm/bassy headphones for open air.  They will sound better than the D5000 probably though.  Open Air is just better than closed, no way around that.  Some just have preference for closed though.   The Compass can drive any headphone easily.  You don't...
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    Shure SRH1840 and SRH1440 Unveiled!

    Shure's US website says Winter 2012 for release.  I was hoping they would release soon to compete with the release of the HD700.  HD700 using duofoil 40mm drivers for $1000 puts me off completely.  So I'm either gunning for a HD600 or the 1840.  Winter, that's a really long wait considering...
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    Worst Fanboys?

    Grado fanboys.
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    [Review] Battle of the Entry-Level Rivals: Ultrasone HFI-580 vs Audio Technica M50 (vs Pro700 MK2)

    I find it amusing that the M50 is entry level headphone since that headphone is sonically as good as it gets for a lot of people.  Pros use it as their go to headphone when they need a closed pair of headphones.  And yet for Head-Fi these are entry level.  This is the best studio headphone that...
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    What are the HD600s *not* good for?

    I found the HD650 bit bass heavy and little muddy.  My next headphone will be an HD600 and I look forward to it.  I think HD600 will be the neutral, balanced headphone I've been looking for.  SRH840 is doing a great job, but I miss the open-air sound.
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    Need Help In Discovering My Ideal Headphones

    Depends on if you even believe amps make a difference.  Not everyone does.  I'd get the headphones first and then decide later.  If you are unsatisfied with it, then get an amp.  Remember, professionals aren't using the massive amps that Head-Fiers use.  I use an amp, I like using one, but I...
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    Sennheiser HD 518 Vs. Audio Technica ATH-AD700 Vs. Audio Technica ATH-A700 Vs. Creative Aurvana Live

    I'd go with the Aurvana out of that group.  For a beginner those will be great as they are more versatile than any Grado.  Grado can only be used when you are alone in a quiet space.  And they are ONLY liked by people who love extreme amounts of treble.  Aurvana are bit more balanced, they...