Audio and Video editor by day. underground engineer by night.
gaming, creating new things, driving(REALLLYY F"NNNN FASTTT) music of course, computer building.
Racing, photography , computer related tech. mechanical engineering , welding
Headphone Inventory
Beyerdynamic DT 770,880, 990's(32ohm, 600ohm) , DT 770 pros
Sony MDR-EX1000 -HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR MUSIC PRODUCING, even more with addition to low-pass subwoofers
Sony generic cell phone in-ears
Psyko Krypton Headest (disassembled) - do not buy these

WANT - Beyerdynamic T1
Headphone Amp Inventory
Nuforce Icon amp x2
Schiit Audio Asgard x 2
Use these in independent L/R mono
Source Inventory
Nuforce Icon HDP
Digigram LoLa881 , LoLa280 sound cards
v v v v v v
Computer rig 2^ , Computer Rig 1^
Cable Inventory
monster cables ( need new cables)
Power-Related Components
visiontek 600watt PSU x 4
visiontek 500watt PSU

Xantrex PROWatt 600 Inverter x 4
Kinetik HC600 x 4 batteries(series)
Kinetik HC2400
Kinetik HC1400 reverse polarity battery(emergency -_-)

Progressive Dynamics PD9245CV x2 (a must have for battery charging)
Other Audio Equipment
HS80M x2
HS50M x2 (sold)
HS10W x2 (sold)

DLS A6 > 2 x JBL W10GTI subwoofers / DLS MW10' subwoofers
DLS A3 > beyerdynamics DT990 600ohm / DLS MW10' subwoofers / dls Scandinavia 3-way speaker system
Kicker zx2500.1 > Re audio xxx 12'' subwoofer
Audio-Related Tweaks
bridged channels on nuforce icon amps and Schiit Asgard amps for mono condfig and paralleled connection.
Music Preferences
keen for ambient,undergound dub, drum and bass, jungle , and jazz , dark bass, test tones, Kriogenetics( by krio)
sony nex-7 , nikon d90, d60, F5, F2000 , various lenses

nokia e7 , sony xperia S , blackberry storm

computer rig 1> gigabyte ud4, intel 2700k ,2x radeon hd6970,corsair ram, digigram LoLa280 soundcard, 2x pyro 60gb ssd, 2x wildfire 120gb, 2x wildfier 240gb

computer rig 2> intel DGAz77-70k , intel 3770k ,patriot g2 ram, 2x radeon firepro v7900 , digigram LoLa881 soundcard, same storage set up.

custom gameboy advance(modded> black berry bold/ radeon gpu)
Audio and Video editor by day. underground engineer by night.