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    DX220 A new view to your music. *** Latest Firmware: 1.19 Local *** Link for User Guide 1st Page. AMP9 Now available! And DC01.

    if this should happen and it won’t turn on, plug it in and let it charge for a while (a few hours) if the screen remains black, then unplug it and press and hold the power button for 10-15 seconds for a reset - sometimes the DX220 crashes into a black screen and this fixes it. The battery drain...
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    Best DAP Under £1100 - for UK Buyers?

    If you want a lot of power, the DX220 with Amp8 is a good bet (I prefer the Amp8 to the Amp9 for my IEMs at least, but balanced on the stock Amp1mkii is already a lot of power), but the battery life is only OK, not great. Then there’s the Kann Cube, the FiiO M11 pro and Cayin N6II to consider...
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    Dap or dac/amp

    You’re sure it’s not the music or the headphones that aren’t delivering the bass you want? Alternately, look for something with EQ.
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    Headphones & DAC/Soundcard for desktop, help me!

    You have a decent headphone amp, so you might consider getting the Beyer Dt 1770 Pro they are based on. Will be cheaper than getting the Drop version once you get hit for duties and VAT. They’re on sale from Beyerdyamic direct right now: (Same...
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    A question for all the DAP users here

    I have a DX220, and the main reason was to be able to add amps to drive the bigger, less sensitive headphones with the much higher output power and to be able to swap amp cards around. The less expected side effect was a much cleaner, much more powerful amp section for my more sensitive Campfire...
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    Help Me Find A Specific Design Of Over-Ear Earphones

    The term you’re looking for is earbuds, by the way. Vs in-ear monitor (IEM) which is what you appear not to want.
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    Help Me Find A Specific Design Of Over-Ear Earphones

    I’ve never come across anything like that. Have you tried different ear tips to get better fit? Is it a comfort thing, very small ear canals or something else?
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    Affordable IEM's ~$50 for casual use. Recommendations?

    Shoot ADV sound a message - my experience with their customer service has always been excellent.
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    Affordable IEM's ~$50 for casual use. Recommendations?

    What’s the big concern regarding the CE mark? Or are you worried about lead solder (RoHS compliance in that case)? I’m not big on cheap IEMs but if I wanted to spend 50, I’d buy ChiFi. Amazon Europe stores have things like the Blon 03 in stock and with shipping from within the EU. as an...
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    Noise Cancelling Headphone recommendations

    The Ety ER2XR is a good bet if you want a nice dynamic driver with a bit of bass that doesn’t break the bank (about 115 bucks on Amazon)
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    NEW - Campfire Comet and Atlas

    don’t have the Ikko, do own the Atlas and recently added the IMR Aten R2. My impressions based on several months with Atlas and a few days with the Aten R2: The IMR has even More Bass, lot of slam, and is tunable with the filters/nozzles, but overall the Atlas is quite a bit more refined to my...
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    Stereo to Mono Amp/Player/Headphones

    I think almost all of the Android-based DAPs should be able to do this unless they’re running highly modified software. Whether that’s worth buying a DAP for is a different issue - I have one because I wanted more powerful amplification about all else. If I look at my DX220 accessibility...
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    Bluetooth 5 aptx hd headphones

    It does have LDAC support though...
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    Best headphones for listening music from iPhone [New member question]

    If you can wait a little,’s Panda seems like it could be what you’re looking for. I’m assuming based on your list that wireless is where you want to be.
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    I don’t tire of Atlas bass, but want something fun and different with solid bass oomph but a bit more sparkle up top. Hence me considering something other than Campfire.