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    Any love for the Activo CT10?

    Hi everyone, only recently got my hands on a CT10 after auditioning a number of units and being very disappointed with them (especially how they handle large music libraries). Anyway, the CT10 shows promise, mainly due to it sounding pretty good out of the box, but I am having zero luck...
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    IEM Recommendations

    Hi everyone, Hope you are all well. So my journey has begun with a Sony NW-A45 that I picked up for a bargain locally, and as this is my first DAP I am somewhat impressed that this sounds better than the audio from my iPhone. I have been through all the various file formats testing what I like...
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    Need a change..on a budget

    I have certainly noticed that a number of remasters released in 2011 (specifically Queen) that these seem to have been subject to the so called Brickwalling where the volume has been pushed, which is something I don’t really like at all. As you say, the first listen is attractive, but that soon...
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    Need a change..on a budget

    I checked out and used the Artist option, clicked on Q, and then found Queen. What popped up was a summary/bio of the band, but then says below “no results”. I notice that some of the albums have been released on MQA CD’s in Japan, but they are pricey! Even if I bought them, I...