Head Gear Reviews by manbear
  1. ZMF x Vibro

    4.50 star(s)
    Background   I bought the ZMF x Vibro after owning the HE-400 for about a year. While I loved the HE-400's bass, my ears just got tired of the whole thing after a while. It was fatiguing even after I EQed the treble down by about 12 Db at 10KHz. I wanted to try a something warmer, and reviews of the Vibro had me intrigued so I bought them.   System   FLAC and 320 Kbps mp3 through Foobar to a Concero and Project Ember at home. I also used the Vibro with my Fiio X1 and Cayin C5 at work. I mostly listen to electronic, rap, rock, and metal in that...
  2. Audio-Technica AIR Dynamic Headphones ATH-AD900X

    4.00 star(s)
    Background and listening experience: I bought these as a complementary headphone for my ZMF Vibros. I wanted something open and I've been curious about Audio Technica for a while. In the past, I've owned the MDR-V6, DT-990 Pro, Q701, and HE-400. Listening was done straight off my laptop as well as through my Concero to Ember desktop setup.  Overall: I'm very pleased with these headphones for the price. I would not hesitate to recommend these to anyone making a first headphone purchase, as long as you are not looking for monster bass. The fact that...
  3. Grado Labs PS500e

    4.50 star(s)
    I am writing this review of the Grado PS500e as a part of the tour program sponsored by TTVJ. Thanks to Todd for giving me the chance to hear these great headphones. I am chiefly comparing these to my current reference, the Hifiman HE-400. Listening was done with both my laptop and my Concero DAC + Project Ember amp, though it was mostly with just my laptop as I thought it sounded better (much to my surpise). In the past, I've also owned the AKG Q701, Beyerdynamic DT-990 250 ohm Pro, Sony MDR-V6, and others I'm too lazy to list. Overall: These...
  4. NuForce NE600X Red In-ear Headphones

    5.00 star(s)
    Context: I primarily listen to music through my setup of FLAC -> HRT Music Streamer II -> Little Dot Mk3 -> Hifiman HE-400. I bought these primarily to use at the gym with an ancient RCA mp3 player that only has 512mb, because expensive gear and sweat don't mix IMO. These setups fill completely different roles, so I obviously don't expect them to compare, but I think it's important to clarify that my reference system costs about 40 times as much as my gym system. Note that my ratings for value, audio quality, design, etc. in the details section are...