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    Are the PPA overkill for the A900's?

    My roommate owns the A900s while I have the W1000s. On my low-end setup (Modded tosh 3950, portable meta42, homemade magwire ics), even my non-audiophile roommate could tell right away that the A900s sounded thinner, tinnier, less detailed, and just overall harsh compared to the W1000s. The...
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    FS: Maxed portable Meta42 w/PS KurtW made

    Here's the specs Kurt gave me: Quote: Amp Specs: - Translucent red Serpac H-65-9V case, measuring 2.75" x 4.94" x .94" high - AD8620 dual op amp soldered directly onto board for shortest signal path - Cascode FET current sources to operate the op amp in Class A mode - 3 EL2001...
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    Who Here Hates Emo!?!?!

    I think he's talking about the shred aspect of those bands, it's basically shred over lots and lots of noise (rock?). Weezer, Modest Mouse, and SDRE all popularized emo and set it off in a different direction, thus starting the different branches of emo we see today. And early weezer is SO...
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    The UK music scene

    I like belle and sebastian, will see them at coachella ( !!! Ohhh man, look at that lineup, going to be NUTS. It's literally the best lineup in the past 5 years or so I guess.
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    The UK music scene

    Doves, South, Radiohead, Spiritualized, The Beta Band, just to name 4. But yeah, I suppose it's seen better days (at least as far as presence in the US. ie. pop rock). I'm big on those classic bands, but you missed all the stuff in the middle. The Stone Roses, Verve, The Clash, Blur, The Cure...
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    how about hp890

    That's funny, using the Pana 570 and a comparison between the 890s with a CHA47 and a META42, there was a vast difference with the 890s but nearly none with ER6s.
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    Good online place to buy hard-to-find music?

    djgustshaw> My roommate has that on vinyl... as he also has A Storm In Heaven and many other extremely rare verve vinyl (like test pressings where the label was written with a sharpie).
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    selected ambient works 85-92----- awesome!

    As long as this thread still lives... might as well recommend Ulrich Schnauss' latest album and M83's debute. Schnauss sounds like an electronic happier Slowdive - Pygmalion and M83 is electronic shoegaze.
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    selected ambient works 85-92----- awesome!

    Damn, I can't believe nobody has mentioned Four Tet yet. I love Four Tet - Rounds more than any aphex or boards of canada album, and I own SAW 85-92 and the Richard D James album. But Four Tet - Rounds I got on vinyl But I'm not huge into electronic music, though I am very familiar with it...
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    White Stripe's Grammy Performance

    Jack is a great improvisor and guitarist, he improvises at almost all his concerts. I've seen him twice live and his solos are all roughly based around the album ones but are quite different, usually much more radical. I didn't watch the grammys, but if he went off on a jam then that's awesome...
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    Your 5 newest CDs (or LPs)

    Spiritualized - Let It Come Down Led Zepplin - How The West Was Won Catherine Wheel - Like Cats and Dogs Tortoise - TNT Badly Drawn Boy - Have You Fed The Fish?
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    a question for anyone with radiohead's "ok computer"

    ugh, if you don't listen to good music because of the sound quality then I'm sorry, you're a part of the most annoying group of people I know. Stop listening to the quality and start listening to the music. The production quality is perfectly average.
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    a question for anyone with radiohead's "ok computer"

    I don't think marvin ever actually says that he isn't a paranoid android, I think one of the characters (the name escapes me now) says something to the effect of, "Oh yes, Marvin, the paranoid android."
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    playing back "Loveless"

    I don't really mind it. I think of it as lo-fi, which is just a characteristic. Isn't Anything is also a great album, Lose My Breath is one of my favorite MBV songs (2nd song).
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    Bands Like Placebo <- Your best friend. My ex has been talking about Placebo a lot (though not to me). Guess I'll check them out. Early Verve eh? Shoegaze? The Music is almost The Verve incarnate with dance rhythems, saw them last year, great show.