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    iBasso P4 with AK120

    Any help guys?
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    S-EM6, 1p2 with Uber , TG334 or FAD 1602X-CC ???

    They're decent sources when you use them with line out to an external dac/amp. I personally use an iPod classic passing digital signal to the HiFi-M8
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    Woo Audio Amp Owner Unite

    WA2 and WA6SE...   I would like to know which of the two is more neutral sounding with good clarity and big soundstage that sound good with classical and vocals. I know both are very good amps but their identical price made the job quite hard for me. So I want to know which is more towards the...
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    DAC/AMP for Ipod Classic and ER4P

    If u want dac with amp, I highly recommend Sony PHA-1 or PHA-2 or the ADL X1 The X1 should be very good as it uses the godly ESS Sabre 9023 dac chip, and it can do up to 24/192 when plugged into ur Mac/pc
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    Which opamps to get?

    Hi guys I have an iBasso P4 and I was thinking which opamps should I get. I've been eyeing on the OPA627, MUSES01 and MUSES02. I was just wondering what is the sound signature of these opamps. I mainly listen to classical music and I really like a lot of clarity, details, and wide soundstage. I...
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    Double Helix Cables Thread

      It seems not bad, but the symbiote fusion is slightly off my budget as I do not want to spend more than 300 on IEM cables. Cables that I am currently looking at from DHC are the Symbiote, Symbiote SE litz and Symbiote litz Hybrid.... But I just want know know the difference in sound signature...
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    Double Helix Cables Thread

      As for now I want to use it with my Westone 4R, but I do plan to get a pair of JH customs in the future...
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    Double Helix Cables Thread

    Hi guys I'm basically a newbie at IEM upgrade cables but currently I am looking for an upgrade cable for my Westone 4R. I've heard about DHC for quite a long time and I knew that Peter really make some quality products. But I just want to know which of the IEM cables by DHC offer a detailed...
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    looking for 6.3mm to 3.5mm Cable   Take a look at this cable made by Grado Labs. I didn't try them myself personally, but they received a lot of positive reviews and comments. And from what I've heard, they don't degrade sound in any way.
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    Arena in Nimes, France
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    Schiit or Graham Slee or Lehmann or Violectric?

    I would like to know whats the main difference between the Solo Ultra Linear and the Diamond Edition? Btw when you said that "the Lyr has a very powerful sound but always seemed to smear over details maybe slightly", do u mean that the sound the Lyr produced is not as detailed as the Graham...
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    Schiit or Graham Slee or Lehmann or Violectric?

      Is the Slee Ultra Linear ur refering to the Solo Ultra-Linear Diamond Edition? That's the one that I can find on their website... I see that you own the original SRG, how does it compare with the Novo? What is the sonic differences you find between the Lyr and the Novo/SRG?. I know that the...
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    Schiit or Graham Slee or Lehmann or Violectric?

      Yeah thanks for the suggestion, in actual fact I've looking at products by Meier Audio as well, and I think that they had some great products as well. It's really confusing for me though, as there are simply too many choices for me... And I think we have similar tastes in music :) Around 80%...
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    Looking for reference-class DAC

    Would the ODAC be able to be plugged up to speakers if I have a headphone amplifier already? Or I need a different type of amp?