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    Newbie and some AKG 501's

    Quote: Originally Posted by billyp Well...I bit the bullet and went with the ath-a900's after reading several more reviews I think they will be the answer to what I'm looking for. Some isolation, good unamped sound quality and a decent jack of all trades. Thanks again for all the...
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    portable amp for k501

    Well it turns out my go-vibe is having no trouble driving the k501s!! Sounds fantastic!
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    Any portable amps to stay away from?

    Stay away from the radioshack amp.
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    looking for powerful mid range headphone!

    I hopefully get to hear the 595 tomorrow-- can't wait. I live for the mids.
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    Closed headphones...

    Oh that sucks, I'll stop rubbing it in then.
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    Closed headphones...

    100 pounds-- do you mean bad luck?? You can buy it new off amazon for $150. So you got them for a markup.
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    Closed headphones...

    When you say price-- what did you pay for your 580s? I paid $120 and I doubt any closed headphone at that price point beats the 580s.
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    looking for powerful mid range headphone!

    akg-- liquid mids. For bloated, powerful bass and sparkly tremble as well-- akg k240s.
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    Sennheiser HD 280

    Quote: Originally Posted by Wodzas Could anyone explain me: what the screwk is going on? In this forum everyone says, that HD 280 PRo is ****. OK. But in another forum, they are said to be very good headphones. How this happens. Why the opinions are so strange? Of course, that i can...
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    Loving my HD 497

    I noticed the same problem that an amp can unbalance them-- that's why I was quite surprised that people were saying it's balanced. Your amp playing them too loud is due to the gain being set high imo.
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    Loving my HD 497

    Quote: Originally Posted by coffeeaddictnova I recently checked Amazon's prices. The HD497 retails for $59, and the Grado SR60 retails for $69. Javier Ah you missed the clearance-- I kid you not for months the 497 was selling for $35 from J&R!!
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    has burn in ever made a pair of headphones sound WORSE?

    Jazz, thanks for the info. I searched and found a post you made with links to experiments and results. No error bars on either of them, but it goes along way from the informal discussion usually seen here.
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    Just got A900 - Disappointing? Help

    That would be funny if you ended up liking them, because I started liking them and ended up not liking them! If you meant the sr-60 is better in terms of it's more musical/engaging-- then I agree btw. The real reason I dumped the cans is the midrange-- sucked out midrange is a big...
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    Just got A900 - Disappointing? Help

    I'm surprised about the slipping comment-- I went on a walk with mine-- a twenty minute walk-- and no slipping! I strongly disagree on the bass-- it's extended, refined. Same for the treble-- actually even better-- that's where the a900s shine. Is it better than the grado sr-60? Yes by a...
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    No headphones

    Oh no I don't like earbuds. Actually I do have some cheap aiwa's-- saved them in the case of an emergency, not great sq-- I guess this qualifies.