Dec 25, 2002
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I am not being utilized well enough Hire me. and win. I love what I do and I want to do more.

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    I am not being utilized well enough Hire me. and win. I love what I do and I want to do more.
    Computer, Music, TV of disconcerting breadth and other things I would not care to disclose+++
    TV(not reality, mix of acclaimed drama and comedies and some that I enjoy because I do, CFB(CLEMSON)
    Headphone Inventory:
    SR-200 R.I.P Westone UM1, Koss KSC-75, Beyerdynamic DT-770/80
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Dynalo lite+ in a hammong enclosure, formerly alps blued, now TKD'd, with a sig22, e24, and e12 in the wings to bring it up to potential as soon as I can get things together, and start/finish the custom chassis. Alu, Stained hardwood framed front panels. Vented frosted acrylic top with arrays of gently lit red LEDs. Bulgin push button momentary for power on. e12 provides mute output on power on/off as well as DC offset protection and the option of Thermal breakers. Front panel: mid mounted TKD pot on custom PcB, flanked by glass ware select 2s for input as well as output selection and a mute posistion. 2pos gain switch. Momentary power switch. silver-cryo IEC inlet and fuse holder. High end-ish toroidal for the sig22, planned supply voltage for the dynalo with be approx 17.5V
    Source Inventory:
    The same emu 0404 PCI(not -e or x) running on windows 7 as well as ever, until(look up)... yeah.
    Cable Inventory:
    3ft Vampire solid copper terminated pro-sinked single ended RCA into dynalo
    Power-Related Components:
    OneAC 110eh? 8 socket.
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Not yet, but this will grow.
    Audio-Related Tweaks:
    Library of mostly flac, all upsampled to 176.2khz.
    Music Preferences:
    Bach, Baroque, bluegrass, A Vivaldi, some old rap, rock, big band jazz, classic rock, jazz of all eras, vocal acapella, marching horns, chamber music, wind ensembles, orchestras, small groups. Punch brothers, RATM.
    Spyderco Sage-1 S30V knife
    Fenix PD35 Flashlight
    Moto G
    Samsung Tab Pro 8.4, and my 8 cores >4ghz with 16 ram and ~10tb of storage.
    Single, 2 Cats, breaking into Logistics as fast allow. Nerdy, me.


    Team Joe Grado
    Team Gilmore
    Team Foobar
    Team SEARCH
    Team Stoner-FiHome: oneAC 1107 -> PC -> FLAC(or OGG) -> Foobar 0.9.4b3 ASIO 32-bit/44.1khz -> E-mu 0404 -> 1.5m Audiogeek Custom ICs -> Gilmore V1 Lite Custom -> Joe Grado SR-200sPortable: 192kbps APS Mp3 -> iPod nano 4GB -> KSC-35
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