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    Beyerdynamic T90 Jubilee Edition Headphones

    SOLD Here is my Ebay listing. (I would prefer to make the transaction there)   Thank you for viewing the auction.  I really don't have the equipment to enjoy these properly, and I would LOVE to sell them (even though I am losing money on it). They have only been used by myself (only...
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    Headphone Stands and Storage

    Hey guys, I just bought a hose rack from Home Depot.  It looks great and I don't have a problem with it!  
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    Which 2.0 setup?

    Quote: They way I look at it, a receiver will probably last me a long time so I don't mind spending extra money on that.  Speakers will come and go due to wear and tear, music interests, space changes, etc.  Although I have never seen or owned the HK3490, it looks good and from the reviews...
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    Which 2.0 setup?

    Okay, makes sense.  A couple more questions: The Audioengine A5+ is a bookshelf speaker.  Would you like bookshelf speakers or floorstanding speakers.  I like floorstanding speakers better but its up to you.  Also, would you like your speakers to be active or passive?    MCL
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    Which 2.0 setup?

    Quote: Okay, what is your budget?  If you don't have one you can spend as much as $100,000+ on speakers.  (I don't think you are looking at that price range...maybe not).  Also, I am confused with your sound card are planning on not using your sound card?  What is your...
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    iTunes 11 columns?

    Quote: No problem.  Do you like Fidelia better than iTunes?    MCL
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    I am looking for some speakers for my dorm room.

    Ah...never mind I found some. My dad gave me his JBL LX500 speakers. 
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    Connecting a PC to a Receiver

    Thanks for you help,    My father just gave me his old JBL speakers and a receiver!  I was really shocked that he let me use them.   To connect to the receiver I used my headphone jack (under the front speaker setting) to a RCA cable in the back of the receiver.  I also used my second...
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    What are Binaural albums?

    Look it up on you tube...It is basically 3D sound using 2 mics.  I like it a lot because some of the recordings make you feel like you are actually there! This one is cool too!   I have heard some piano binaural recordings and it sounds like you are playing the piano because the high notes are...
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    Please Suggest a Cloud Backup & Synching Service

    Quote: Suburbanite, to use Google Play log in using your Google account and click on "play" at the top of the window.  Then, click "My Music", then click "Upload Music".  You will download a music manager and you can upload your music from there.     I did some research that I didn't...
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    Headphone Stands and Storage

    A Miter Box would be helpful...ha.  I guess I am to confident in myself .  So wrap the box in plastic, correct?    Thanks, MCL
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    Please Suggest a Cloud Backup & Synching Service

    suburbanite,    I tried uploading my music to Google Drive and it didn't work well.  I'm not sure if you are mentioning Google Play or Google Drive.  Google Drive is excellent for any non-media files.  I use Google Play to upload my music.  It syncs automatically to my computer and my...
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    Headphone Stands and Storage

    Thanks guys for the responses, I will probably wrap my headphones in so sort of loose plastic and put them in their original boxes.  So, after a outstanding 4 hours of trying to build a headphone stand...I gave up.    Me and my girlfriend tried cutting 45 degree angles from wood by hand and with...
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    Suggestions for Closed Headphones for Rock/Metal

    The 80 ohm headphones sound a lot worse without some sort of amplification.  Trust me.  When I first got them I just plugged them in to my computer and I wanted my money back.  But, after I plugged them into an amp...OH MY!  so, much better. Very good headphones.   I have heard sometimes an amp...