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    Noble owners: Have you found better eartips?

    I liked the Spiral Dot on K10 too. But you can have a try with Tennmak Whirlwind.
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    [FS] - EUROPE - Mezzo Soprano AK120 mod (upgraded DACs and balanced out) PayPal and shipping included (FedEx or DHL).

    Hi, There are 2 micro SD slots, and yes, the player supports DSD. I tried once an 512go sd card, it worked fine. I always browse by folder, so no problem for my part, I can’t see why 1T card should not work.
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    RAZ's review thread and TOTL IEM shootout

    I really need to put an ear on them...
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    Withdrawn From Sale

    Vitaly, you are more diplomate than me... :smile:
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    Withdrawn From Sale

    Very pertinent comment... Have you ever listened to them before writing this ? Fourte Noir are amazing, and your price is really good SCBob ! GLWS
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    Withdrawn From Sale

    It would be nice to know how many Erl were sold first. Anyway, GLWS !
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    Withdrawn From Sale

    A code 51... :scream::heart_eyes:
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    Shanling M30 - Modular Design | Digital Player | Streaming | Balanced | DAC | AMP | Tubes | Wi-Fi | Bluetooth | Battery power

    Well, our expectations are not the same. I find this concept interesting, but I am not looking for a desktop solution. So I can live without it. Maybe that's the difference. You will tell us when you'll get it !
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    Introducing Lotoo PAW Gold

    Since the alternative FWs, the Sony Wm1A/Wm1Z thread is hyped... If you do not need Streming or Android, LPG is still a good choice.
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    [SOLD] Effect Audio Horus 2 pins / 2.5mm

    SOLD Hi folks, Up for sale is an Effect Audio Horus cable 2 pins, 2.5 terminated. Asking 0€, PayPal fees and Shipping FedEx express/DHL included. 0€ if PayPal friends, Shipping FedEx express/DHL included. I'm based in France, Paris. Cheers, Guy
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