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    Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

    I do, but have to run the source PC off of battery power due to the Mojo's lack of galvanic isolation. Despite running amp, preamp and PC off of adjacent outlets, I get very audible digital noise leaking into the system from anything directly connected to the PC.
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    Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

    Does anyone know a way to stream ISO files in native format to an iOS device to a DAC such as the Mojo over the Internet? The closest I've come is at home using foobar and its DLNA server to 8player, but SACD ISO files are all played back at 44.1 kHz and I am unable to find the server at all...
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    Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

    Nope.  No sound with any of the DSD: ASIO options or the Chord WASAPI push or event options while set to output DSD.  Switching over to PCM it continues to work great.  I'm beginning to think maybe something is wrong with mine.  I will try Jriver but just to rule that out.  Thanks though!
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    Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

            fQuote: Would you mind sharing how you did this?  I just got a Mojo and it plays PCM fine but will not play my DSD files (1x DSD) with foobar.  I've followed various generic DOP guides but all I get is silence although foobar says it's playing.  No amount of trial and error has...
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    Chordette Gem Bluetooth DAC. A Review With Pictures.

    I guess I misunderstood what this device does. It's not a transmitter and receiver pair, the antenna is just to facilitate bluetooth communication with an an A2DP device? I ask because I've got a prototype TX/RX pair in hand that will push uncompressed 32-48 kHz 16-bit audio up to 300 feet in...
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    Project 2 - Digital Amplification (for headphones?)

    Quote: Originally posted by Wodgy Aos, thanks for that link. Very informative. Keep in mind that doc only covers one type of digital amp. They are not all the same. Stu
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    ASRC: AD1896 versus SRC4192

    Quote: Originally Posted by aos There is a new part from Crystal? Which one? Unless it also shares the compatible pinout though or with "FREE jitter clock offer! Limited time only!" - the other two have now the advantage as you can swap them (TI will surely come out with a fixed part...
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    My AOS Flute has arrived...

    Quote: Originally Posted by Iron_Dreamer It uses TI's new integrated headphone amp chip, so there are no conventional opamps to be rolled. Well actually, it probably has an opamp or two in the LP filter and maybe something for the virtual ground. Stu
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    PPA v2 Project Announcement

    Quote: Originally Posted by steinchen Please don't beat me for the next question: is it possible to get a different pcb color than the oldfashioned green ? Black would be great (blue and red are nice, also). With acrylic glas as cover of the enclosure and a little decent LED lighting...
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    Need help on eagle software

    I don't see your problem, but don't use Eagle anyway. Still, you could really stand to use the copper pour function on that board of yours. Stu
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    Rumors of 4th gen iPod

    Quote: Originally posted by lindrone Even that is not as important, because you're not going to be carrying a portable DAC (portable DAC, ha!.. Nothing like that even exists!) & amp with you anyway. The sound quality on 3rd gen iPod's line-out is already excellent, so line-out => amp is...
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    Rumors of 4th gen iPod

    What about S/PDIF out? Stu
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    DAC compatible with AK4381 ?

    Use ChipQuik. The chip and the pads should both survive. Stu
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    Now if they just started carrying the full line of Alps products we would be all set. Stu
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    How come solder no longer sticks to iron?

    The reason you don't want to sand your iron tips is they have often have an iron cladding on them that will be removed if you sand. Stu