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    DIY Cable Gallery!!

    So, what sorts of sleeve material is there aside from paracord? As nice as being able to choose my colors or have it patterned is, I've seen cloth covered cables foul up too many times to trust it.
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    Looking for a new pair of On-ear or Over-ear headphones.

    >Budget Max of $200, but I'd like to keep it under $150. >Location US >Source Computer entirely specifically a SMSL M3 via Optical. >Type of headphone Over ear or On-Ear >Open or closed Preferably closed since they'll used in a rather noisy house.  >Comfort level Comfortable enough to...
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    I know of most of the roms which I can get for the SIII d2spr. I've lookdd around understand the process, have a custom recovery, so on and so forth. I'm just worried I'll do something stupid on accident. Well. lkke I said in my original post, I flashed the rom for a i9300 not the d2spr which...
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    Recablng DBA-02 mki

    Quote: By reasonable, how much do you mean? Edit: Sorry, should have just checked the site myself. Thank you for the recommendation though!
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    Recablng DBA-02 mki

    I'd like to open the shell, but i'm unsure as to how, and that said, I don't have very steady hands, or that good of eye sight. I know the end result would be more durable, and look much better, but I'm afraid I'm going to mess something up horribly, and have to go buy a new set of headphones.
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    Fiio e7 e11 or e17?

    The dac I'll mostly be using from the USB on my comp, as while, I'll be using my Zune, and iPod, possibly my phone, as my portable sources. The iPod, is a 160gb 7th gen, the Zune is an 80gb 2nd gen. What are some comparable amp/dac combos for a similar price? I know of the iBasso t3/4/5...
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    Music Game IX

    Quote: "Call Me Call Me" - Yoko Kanno
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    You guys arn't very helpful..

    I've gotten great advice from this place, and I've seen some petty arguments over nothing. There are people that with snip at you or someone else just because they can or they just don't like you. Its a forum, it WILL happen. if you would turn down your music and pay attention you might notice...
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    I can agree on mixing it up every once in a while but, i prefer to do that by messing around with MCedit
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    I'm not saying I don't like texture packs, I'm saying that I find it annoying (much like with mods) to replace them every update. Yes, I know about the texture pack support but I have never been able to get it working correctly so I've stop really bothering with it. In fact as of now I am only...
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    I did a quick search and didn't turn up any thread that was specific to Minecraft itself so i figured what the hay.     Alright, Basic questions: - What version fo Minecraft do you run? - What mods, if any, do you run currently? - What projects are you currently working in SSP and/or...
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    Sight and Hearing connections

    For awhile now I've noticed that I perceive sound more so with my left ear, I've actually thought of mentioning this on these forums before, but decided against it thinking it was just that my right ear was more damaged than the left. Recently I logged onto MSN and saw this link...
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    iBasso T3(D), D2(+), Mini^3(Extended or High Preform), etc?

    Alright, My IEM's (Klipsch Custom 3's) are on their way should be here by the 30th and at the last the 5th, I have my SRH440's to use til then, but I was wondering what I should get as an amp. I've looked around for a long while, seeing as I joined last year to ask a similar question, and you...