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    Ultimate Ears UE900s BRAND NEW sealed in box!

    Looking to sell a set of brand new UE900s, these are a RMA replacement from Logitech and have never been opened.  The UE900s are the new updated version of the original UE900.  These are one of the best universal fit IEMs available on the market, with quad arm drivers and a dual bore design. The...
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    Looking for <$300 amp for HD600/D2000

    Perhaps 2 separate amps for the Denons/Senns would be the better (although hardly the most ideal) option then?  Anyone have any more insight on how the Melos SHA-1 would fare? 
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    REVIEW: HiFiMan EF2 tube Hybrid Amp with USB DAC

    Quote: Absolutely, it drives my HD600s surprisingly well-so well, in fact, that I haven't had the upgrade itch in quite a while :D
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    Looking for <$300 amp for HD600/D2000

    I've recently been presented with the opportunity to purchase a Melos SHA-1-would this be well suited to both the D2k and HD600?
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    Looking for <$300 amp for HD600/D2000

    Hey all,   I currently have a Head Direct Hifiman EF2 feeding my HD600s and D2000s, and it actually does a remarkable job of driving both headphones well (despite the huge impedance difference).  The really intriguing thing is that the EF2 has different effects on both cans-with the D2000s...
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    Sennheiser HD 600 Impressions Thread

    I'm looking for a new headband pad+earpads for my HD600s.  If anyone has an extra set, please let me know-mine have completely collapsed and are in desperate need of replacing.