Head Gear Reviews by m1ku
  1. FiiO X5 3rd gen Premium Hi-Res DAP

    4.00 star(s)
    Disclaimer1 this is a review unit provided by Fiio during the tour event. Thanks again for Fiio allowing me to take part of this event. Disclaimer 2 by no means I am an expert in audio, but I will try my best to express my impression of this device. Gear I used in this review: Desktop (dac function) AKG K7xx Shure SE215 32GB microsd card Packaging It is really nice that it included two different case for user to choose from. Both of them has their advantages and disadvantages. Build Quality It feel very solid in my hands. As a thinkpad...
  2. FiiO X7

    4.00 star(s)
        Before we start, I have to mention that this X7 is a loan unit from Fiio for the world tour. Thanks again to Fiio, Head-Fi and Joeblogg to make this event possible. Since the X3K review, I am still an amateur on the subject of sound quality, so I will do my best describe my experience.   Since I have started looking around at different kinds of music player, I think the X7 is the first of the kind that used Android OS as their software bases and allows users to use their own prefer applications for music playback.   Packaging The unboxing...
  3. FiiO X3 2nd gen Ultraportable Hi-Res DAP

    4.50 star(s)
    Fiio X3 2nd generation preview     Disclaimer: before jumping into the device itself, I have to talk a little bit about myself. I am still an amateur on the subject of sound quality, but I’ll try my best to describe my experience. And this device is from a preview tour. Hence the model named X3K as it is the early name. For other users, it will be “X3” on the box instead of “X3K” Upon removing the package from the box, it feels very well packaged.       While holding the device on my hand, it has the solid feel. Compare to the X1, it...