I'm a composer, writer, director, artist, photographer.
Music, film/television, video games, art, photography, literature
Music, film/television, video games, art, photography, literature
Headphone Inventory
Audez'e LCD2, Sennheiser HD650, Audio-Technica ATH-M50, Equation RP-21, Pioneer SE-DJ5000, Westone 4, Hifiman RE-400a

Previously owned: Stax 007mk2, Denon AH-D7000, AH-D950, Sennheiser HD600, HD555, Shure SE530PTH, E4C, Westone 3, Shure SE535, JH Audio Angie, Noble Audio Kaiser K10U, Westone W60, Ultimate Ears UE-900S, Hifiman RE-600S, Dunu Titan 1, 64 Audio U5
Headphone Amp Inventory
Objective O2+ODAC

Previously owned: Stax SRM-717, Oppo HA-2
Other Audio Equipment
Klein + Hummel O 300Ds with Neumann KH 805 subwoofers (reference studio monitors), TC Electronic Konnekt Live (Firewire audio interface), Creative SB-X-Fi, Samson C-Control Headphone/Monitor Matrix
Music Preferences
Eclectic taste and embraces all music--as long as it's good music.
Sony a7RII and assorted E-mount full-frame lenses
Olympus E-M1 and assorted M43 lenses
PIlotfly H1+ 3-axis gimbal stabilizer

A small collection of high-end mechanical keyboards:
RealForce 87U 55g
RealForce 87U ergonomic weighted/silent
Leopold FC660
Leopold FC 210TP tenkey pad with green Cherry MX switches
Cooler Master Novatouch with Carbon SA keycap set
WASD TKL with blue Cherry MX and DSA Retro keycap set
KBParadise V80 with Matais Quiet Click switches
Matias Mini Quiet Pro
Artist, Composer, photographer, writer, director, teacher


"Fly-through" video of my music production studio