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Building engineer. Mechanical system.

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New Head-Fier, Male

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    Building engineer. Mechanical system.
    Hi end 2 channel audio, Desktop/portable audio, (headfi) and other hobbies to keep me busy
    Hi end 2 channel audio rig, Home theater system, watches and collecting
    Whisky mostly single malts.
    Headphone Inventory:
    Beyerdynamic T1 Gen2, Mr speakers Ether and Alpha Prime, Sennheiser 650, Shure srh 1840
    Sennheiser hd25-2, beyer 770 pro and 1350's! Bowers & Wilkins P5. Few more

    Weston ES5 ciem, Shure ES846, SE535, UE900s, Logitech Primo 8, Few more as well
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Auralic Taurus MK2, HIFIman EF6, Fostex hp-p1, Grace m9xx!!
    Source Inventory:
    MacBook Pro 13 Notebook 2013!, iPad 4g 64g retina, iPod Classic 7th 160 -g (black), iPod Classic 7th generation 160g (silver x2). iTouch 4g 32g and -iPad 5g 128gb.
    (black) and iTouch 4g 64g (white) all recent purchases.
    MacBook Pro mid 2015 upgraded version$$ running Amarra symphony and audirvana plus+
    Sony BDP S5500 wifi streaming player with front USB input. Lg bd550 network player.
    Cable Inventory:
    Alo audio sxc 18 sxc cryo LOD. Alo audio sxc 22 cryo LOD. alo audio sxc
    24, 48 inch iem cable. Fiio Rc se1 iem cable (x2) for 535 and ue900! Fiio
    L9 LOD (x3)
    All sorts of cables from three different setups. Nordost, kimber Kable, Audioquest and PS Audio
    Power-Related Components:
    Equi-Tech Model 2-Q- Isolation Ballance power system, fully modified by myself.
    20amps, 2000 watts. PS Audio Perfect wave.
    Dedicated electrical circuits x4 using Furutech 20amp rhodium receptacles thruout.
    It all starts with how good and clean your power is. Black backdrop and zero floor noise is the
    Foundation, the beginning of a quality audio system or setup.
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Auralic Dac Vega- Digatal audio processor, PS Audio Nuwave DSD Dac, Grace m9xx.Massdrop
    Bryston sp2 surround processor/preamp, Hegel P20 preamp, Red Dragon Audio m1000mk2
    Mono blocks amps! Sony bdp s5500 wifi streaming player, lg bd550 wifi streaming network-
    Player 2015 model. G-Drive 3-T pro hard drives-(x3) thunderbolt. G-Drive mobile 1-T HD (x2).
    Marten Deut 6 reference loudspeakers- all occuton hard ceramic diamond drivers! (Sweden)
    Dynaudio stand 6 loaded with Apollo sound bite Steele shot and Audio points cones (60lbs ea)
    Audio-Related Tweaks:
    Too many, but here's a few-black diamond racing isolation platforms and cones! Maple shade brass-
    Cones, composite products carbon fiber cones, Boston Audio pure carbon graphite pucks with
    Upgrade tungsten bearings!!! Boos-lock very thick rock-hard maple platforms. Silver contact
    Treatment paste, HIFIman tuning silver fuses and Furutech ceramic fuses. Maple shade brass
    Weights really help too. I've Ben tweaking before tweaking was invented:grinning:
    Music Preferences:
    All sorts of genres, old school and new, **** I even listen to country, on a high caliber system
    Everything sound, well fantastic!
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