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    What book are you reading right now?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Dublo7 I'm reading this one too. It's crazy how ****ed up our food production system is. I was a vegetarian before I started reading it, but might well be going vegan soon.
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    AD700 or MS1?

    MS1's are pretty awesome headphones, and very versatile. I have yet to listen to a genre that doesn't sound great through them.
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    JVC "flats" HA S150 BN headphones, another low end price review.

    Picked these up today at Walmart for $19, and I have to say, if you're looking for some cheap portable headphones, go for these. They sound similar to the KSC75 with maybe a little more bass, and they're much more comfortable. I looked at some earbuds to replace my iPhone buds (replacements are...
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    Best Contemporary indie Artists?

    +1 on The Antlers. That video is awesome.
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    Etymotic ER-4P giveaway. Pick a cover song.

    I'm not going to enter since I won a prize in Sleestack's last giveaway, but I am very anxious to hear the winning cover! You guys are a great duo. Good luck to everyone!
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    Finance vs Accounting Major

    Finance -> Accounting -> Information Systems has been my path. I'd do neither, both ways would end up with mundane jobs (IMO. some might think that with IS too). Probably Accounting if I had to choose, simply because people will always need accountants.
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    Radiohead vs. Coldplay

    Coldplay is OK for a mainstream radio band, but their music has no complexity to it. They're not interesting to listen to, for me at least. I've easily listened to each Radiohead album over 100 times and somehow they still sound as fresh as the first time I heard them.
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    IMHO my grado's are so comfortable.

    Quarter mod is cake, you just need a quarter and an XACTO knife. Takes like 2 minutes, but don't rush. Made a world of difference on my MS1
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    SIGG Thread. (water bottles)

    I picked this one up at a Radiohead show last year, so much nicer than my old Nalgene:
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    Headphone Sightings 2

    Nothing to report @ Indiana University-Bloomington. A guy in my German class had a pair of DT880s (got to listen, pretty nice cans) last semester, but other than that just some Shures here and there, and a K81DJ a week or two ago.
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    What kinda pads do new SR60's come with?

    I've only tried bowls on the SR225, but I can say that quarter-modding the comfies that come with the Alessandro MS-1 (same pads the SR60 comes with I think) really hit the sweet spot for me. Personally, I wasn't a fan of the bowls, they were pretty uncomfortable. It'd be worth a shot to see if...
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    Black Ray Samuels Tomahawk giveaway

    Congrats Baines93 and thanks for the giveaway sleestack! I'm rebuilding my head-fi rig so I'm still pretty jacked about 2nd place
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    Unamped Sr225 vs MS1

    I've had both, not at the same time so I couldn't do a side by side comparison, but I actually prefer the MS-1 over the SR225. The SR225 was awesome for rock and metal, but I like the warmer sound of the MS-1. They're still great for rock (listened to The Who's Tommy last night and it still...
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    Best headphone of it's class and price range? MDR-v6

    The V6s may be a little harsh at first, but you can play around with EQ to get the sound you want. They're really comfy (with the DT250 pads), decent SQ, and don't leak sound. Keep an eye out for some deals, you used to be able to get them here for $60 or so.