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    Oh god I've been DESTROYING my right ear drum for 5 years and only just realized it!

    Sitting facing the computer, the sub used to be on the floor directly adjacent to my right ear. The speaker on the front of the sub was only about 2 and a half feet away from my right ear canal. So the sound waves flooded my right ear, but my left ear was protected by my skull. Not only that but...
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    Decided on E4C, what about tips?

    Try all of them, the Shures come with many.
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    Decided on E4C, what about tips?

    The Shure E2C clear silicone tips fit in my ear and seal perfectly with total comfort and the best sound, and I guess I'm lucky because they insert a lot faster than foamies. I'm even using them now on my 5 pros.
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    Shure E4c vs. UE 5 EB vs. 5 pro as upgrade from Shure E3c

    Ya I'm not really worried either, Ultimate Ears is said to have top quality service. My box was missing a set of small silicone tips so we'll see how Earphonesolutions service does soon, I've already emailed them. It seems all these audiophile companies work hard on customer service, it would...
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    Is it dangerous to adjust balance for one crappy ear?

    Since I was young I've only had about 65% hearing in my right ear, therefore music sounds funny coming so much louder from my left, especially with canalphones. I've started to adjust all my sources to play less volume in the left until music sounds centered again. But I was thinking...
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    Shure E4c vs. UE 5 EB vs. 5 pro as upgrade from Shure E3c

    Quote: Originally Posted by LorenzoDM I bought the UE Super.Fi 5 Pro's after demoing them side-by-side with the Shure E4c. I just got the 5 Pro's today from and they are exellent. I do wish I got a chance to try the E4C's but never got to, and...
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    PA2V2- $60 shipped

    Anyone think using this amp with 5 Pro's would add too much bass?
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    Questions about In Ear headphones

    I have the E2C's but they didn't withstand every day use during a harsh Canadian winter. They sounded good, mids seemed fine to me the highs are rolled off but the bass is sufficient but lacking punch. I've read mostly negative things about the 5 EB, but most people don't enjoy head...