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    Any old fart head-fi'ers still around?

    There are wayyytoo many iem manufacturers nowadayd
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    Post Your Photography Here #2

    both of these could really use some luminance control to direct attention to the subject.  the first one with a controlled flash or even simply a dodge in post production.    the 2nd one with not only a light, but a tilt-shift to steer the plane of focus from left edge foreground to right...
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    The Etymotics HF5 Thread

    second observation:  the HF3 obviates the HF2!!!   bought both because i was planning on swapping between android and iphone.  HF2 has single button and made for android, and supposedly HF3 with 3 buttons programmed only for iOS.....     turns out, the center button of HF3 functions just...
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    The Etymotics HF5 Thread

    bought a pair of ER4PT , HF2, and HF3 at the same time   the housing and tips look identical between the ER & the HF but for whatever reason the ER inserts easier and seals much, much better.  i have to put the larger tips on the HF to approach seal of ER on the base (clear gray) tips  ...
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    Is the sheer diversity of portable audio offering intimidating to anybody?

    It's been many years since I've last been on here.  And when I started 10+ years ago, there weren't that many choices - especially in IEM space, which is my favorite.     There were Shure and Etymotic as the major players, and then a few smaller guys here and there.   Now there are a...
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    Need Advice: Dress Shoes for Interviews, Cost no Object

    These are not oxfords but rather Derbys or bluchers. Depending from where you hail
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    If you still love Etymotic ER4, this is the thread for you...

    ER6i put me on the Ety train.   I liked the ER4P so much, that after losing them TWICE, i kept buying more.  amazon had run a great deal on them -- 170$ -- so it was no big deal.     then they priced it back to MSRP and i started diversifying again.. this time into ATH-CK10 which i had...
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    For you buyers/sellers to other countries ... customs duties with headphones?

    best you just tell the truth   just as a single data point, i purchased a quite expensive new garment from a private selling in the US, shipped to me in continental europe   today i received a letter from the post requiring i come in with proof of payment and ebay or auction or similar...
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    Any old fart head-fi'ers still around?

    when i joined i was carrying around a generic MP3-CD player , tiny JDM FM record, and plugged headphones to the back of a PC in my dorm for late night listening   those were the days
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    Please recommend the ideal place to live in the U.S.

    i've seen a large part of the US.  the only 2 desirable places in the entire country for me is the denver-boulder metroplex, and seattle-tacoma.   i also grew up in california, so i have an idea of where you're coming from.  denver snows, but the winters are extremely mild, and the housing...
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    Austin 2012 meet impressions

    the salt lick is good for a few things, but actual food isnt it.  you want franklin's, or john mueller's
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    B&O car audio or B&W car audio?

    it is widely considered that the best OEM sound systems are Lexus' Mark Levinson (they were previously Nakimichi-branded and also lauded) ; Porsche's Burmeister ; also, Porsche's -yes - Bose; Audi's B&O; and Acura's non-branded ELS
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    FS: Sennheiser IE7 [trade only for Klipsch X10i]

    For sale:  Sennheiser IE7.  Original, authentic.  I purchased these February 2011 from J&R Music world through Amazon.    Lightly used - Audio Technica ATH-CK10 are my primary pair.  Includes all original boxes and packaging.  Only tips used were small foams.      No trades, except for...