Head Gear Reviews by ls13coco
  1. Burson Audio Fun

    5.00 star(s)
    About me: I am not a professional reviewer by any means, I am just a part-time audiophile slowly accumulating gear and sharing some thoughts. Gear Used: Burson FUN, connected to Creative X7 Amp/Dac combo which is using 2x Dual Sparkos op-amps and 2x Single Sparkos Op-amps. Headphones used: Ether Flow 1.1, LCD-2C Classic, Hifiman Sundara, AKG K 712 Pro, Sennheiser HD 6XX Packaging, Build Quality and extras The unit showed up at my door in perfect condition. The packaging job wasn't to warrant a single complaint, you could tell it wasn't moving...
  2. Burson Audio Supreme Sound Opamp V5i

    4.50 star(s)
    Little Dot 1+ op-amp upgrade with the Burson V5i Gear used Creative Soundblaster X7 as DAC with 2x Sparkos SS3601 single op-amps, 2x Sparkos SS3602 dual op-amps, Hifiman HE400i, AKG K712 Pro, Fostex TH-x00 PH, Fidelio X2, Little Dot 1+ with Mullard M8100 tubes and of course the Burson V5i op-amp. Impressions The LD1+ was already using a different op-amp, the dual op-amp that I swapped out of the Creative X7 was being used which already made for a clear upgrade from stock. The X7 op-amp upgrade seemed to give the sound a more neutral...
  3. Sparkos Labs SS3601 Discrete Op-Amps

    5.00 star(s)
    First, a little about me. Skip this if you want to get right to the meat and potatos. I've only really been getting into audio since August 2016, with my purchase of the Sennheisher HD 598 paired with my (at the time) Asus ROG Phoebus sound card. My eyes were opened to just how good sound could.. sound. I've always had an interest in audio, being a guitarist and gamer, but this being said - I am not a well experienced audiophile, but I am a hobbyist with a bit of an obsession. Also, thank you Andrew Sparks! He was an absolute pleasure to deal...