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    KSC75 Headband Mod - Which is Best???

    Quote: Originally Posted by dpippel Thanks for the heads-up on the wear factor! i put a bunch of nail polish on the ball. mine is pretty worn down, sigh i guess its time to buy another one... or 2
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    Sandisk Sansa $159 bucks 4b FLASH

    Quote: Originally Posted by Cletus Bocephust Does anyone know if the Sansa has a line out so I can use my amp? Cletus dude, its a cheap flash player. no line out
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    Sandisk Sansa $159 bucks 4b FLASH

    Well after much deliberating, i convinced my brother to buy the 4gb sansa.. and its been more than a month since he bought it, and i had some time to play with it. For $159, i think its a great deal. For one, its a UMS-compatible device, which means drag-n-drop, no software required. It comes...
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    help me mod my eggo d33

    bump, cmon someone has to see this
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    help me mod my eggo d33

    I recently bought the sony eggo d33 from a head-fier, with the intention of using it as my "every-day beater phone". About the sound... I never heard the d22s but from what im reading im guessing they both sound very similar.... except the d33s come with a much nicer headband. So in spirit of...
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    JVC HX55 or Panasonic HJE50 or Sony EX51/71 In-Ear Buds....

    Quote: Originally Posted by kwitel Hey-Are they safe to use when walking around a loud city (i dont want too much isolation). Hw about for jogging? Yeah i know what u mean, where do u live exactly? Lets just say Ive been living around nyc all my life, so down here we all...
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    JVC HX55 or Panasonic HJE50 or Sony EX51/71 In-Ear Buds....

    I know the ksc75s get recommended alot, but they LEAK sound, which is not what the OP wants. I have no idea what the JVC HX55s look like, but i did order some JVC canalphones from amazon, it'll be here tuesday so i'll post some remarks ASAP. here's the product link, u can check it out...
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    Need a recommendation for a mid-size MP3 player

    let me chime in here... how bout an archos xs202? If i were in the market for a mp3 player, i'd be all over that. from my understanding, it supports file tree browsing and ID3 tags, MSC (drag n drop), its friggin small, 20 gigs and it hovers around the $200 mark.
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    philips HS900. 17.50

    aww.. these don't isolate? not at all? im currently trying to find a cheaper headphone to give my eggo66 some days off. Id prefer some more isolation, im willing to sacrifice some comfort but i dont want leaky headphones... its for library use. so are these out of the question? if it...
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    Modded K26P – much better sound

    Edited... added more questions. Sorry for the noob question, but what's the filling material? Any ideas on modding the earcups to make them more comfortable? About reassembly, you say there's no apparent logic in the assembly... sounds like lots of fun. im surprised this thread isnt...
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    D66/Dxx Eggo appreciation thread

    If memory serves me correctly, when i was about 15 I was walking around in chinatown, nyc looking for some random crap, I walked into an electronics store and wound up walking out with an eggo d66. it was an impulse buy, only reason i bought it was because it looked cool. I dont even think i...