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    Sennheiser HD800

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    Shure se846

    Selling the se846's I picked up from drews a couple weeks ago, he purchased them new in october from amazon for the 999 msrp. They sound great, almost as good as the k10's I once owned but they're not quite there, although they are half the price. I'm selling because I honestly have no use for...
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    Schiit bifrost uber

    Sold to first person that pm'd me.
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    Schiit bifrost uber

    Selling my bifrost uber since I don't need it anymore now that i've sold my amp. Works perfectly, but is scratched up since I a valhalla/lyr stacked on top of it without putting rubber feet. 250 shipping and paypal fee included. US only.  Thanks for looking. 
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    Burson Soloist

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    Toxic cables silver 2 pin IEM cable

    Sold my k10's so no longer need this cable, fits all of Noble audio's iems, and any iems that use the 2 pin config. Only includes cable, k10's were already sold. No flaws on it it looks brand new and sounds great.    Paypal fee and shipping included for US buyers only, may do international pm...
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    Sharin no kuni
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    For sale Wizard designed Noble Audio Kaiser 10

    Considering selling the k10s I got earlier this week. They sound amazing, I was looking for an iem that I could take with me to class that sounded as good as my th900s and these exceeded what I was looking for by far. I belive these sound even better than my th900s, but they're not nearly as...
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    Noble k10! Wizard design faceplate/Dark smoke shell with silver nugget, toxic cables silver iem cable.
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    Noble Audio - the Wizard returns!

    I purchased my k10's 2 weeks too early unfortunately but because I had the chance to listen to them at T.H.E show newport considering how great they sounded i'm not even mad. Great chance for anyone to snag a pair for 20% off, and if anyone listens to jpop I had the chance to listen to the 5c vs...
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    31.6 lbs 32.7 lbs  35.5 lbs 
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