Head Gear Reviews by littlenezt
  1. Moondrop Blessing 2

    4.50 star(s)
    Hi Friend ! this is my take on the Moondrop Blessing 2 IEM, first of all sorry for my broken english, this review is non-sponsored, i paid full price for the IEM also this review is 100% my personal opinion. i previously have tried the blessing 2, i got a loaner unit from my friend, and now i decided to purchase one for myself *i have OCD and this might affect my rating on the build quality of the Blessing 2. Packaging and Unboxing first of all lets begin with the Packaging and Unboxing, as usuall Moondrop with their waifu artworks. Unboxing...
  2. TRN TA1

    4.50 star(s)
    first of all i would like to thank HiFiGo for providing me with this IEM disclaimer : this item is provided from HiFiGo for me to review but this whole review is entirely my opinion and not altered in any way at all. shipping : would be great if shipping have more protection (bubble wrap) and use another express expedition if possible in the future the IEM : superb build quality, no driver flex at all, comfortable for my ears even with provided generic eartips, the cable somehow looked like one comes with the iBasso AM05 but the TA1 cable is only...
  3. Fiio FA7

    4.50 star(s)
    FiiO FA7 Quad Balanced Armature In-Ears Monitors the unit is purchased with my own money Packaging and Unboxing : Unboxing experience is pretty luxurious for an IEM at this price range, once you open the outer box, you're greeted with a heart shaped cable with your jewelry like shiny Red and Blue IEM and below this beautifully presented IEM,, there's a LOT of eartips selection, a hard case, pouch,inside the soft pouch there is a brush to clean your iem nozzle, and a magnetic clip. Design,Build Quality, Comfort, and Fit : this IEM is build...