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    esi juli@ & windows 7??

    cool, got it working thanks for the input... its blue screened it once, but i dont think thatll happen too often. its been runnin 4 hours now with music playing w\o a hitch!
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    esi juli@ & windows 7??

    Hey all, I'm trying out windows 7 RC, and i can't get my juli@ to work, the vista 32bit drivers arent installing... anyone have any ideas?
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    FS- Gilmour Lite v.2

    Hi all, wow that was a rush of Pm's... The g-lite is currently pending, but im keeping track of who pm'd me first so i'll let you know if it falls through
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    FS- Gilmour Lite v.2

    Hey all, I've been cleaning up my stuff lately and i think im going to let go of my g-lite, I don't use it enough to keep it around. Its a version 2, and comes with the standard elpac ps. Looking to sell for $180.
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    FS- AT- A900s

    Hi all, I have a pair of audio technica A-900s that have been sitting for a while and I think it's time I let them go. Im looking for around 160 for them, but price is negotiable. Let me know
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    200g vinyl pressings

    Hi all, It's been a while since i posted on here, as i've been busy... Quick question, what's everyone's oppinions on Classic records' Quiex SVP series 200g vinyl? Is it true that they are mastered from the original tapes, or is this just some bs? Has anyone heard them (I'm considereing...
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    A foray into the world of vinyl

    i just recently bought an mmf 2.1 and im very pleased so far.. thats my 2 cents
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    Want to buy Notebook but need some advice

    have you thought about lenovo thinkpads? there currently on sale until mid December i believe
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    Cartridge Problem?

    thanks for the links, good reading there..
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    Cartridge Problem?

    im going to have to borrow a roomates camera to take this, as my sh**** cell phone camera isnt going to cut it.,
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    Cartridge Problem?

    thanks for the info, ill try to get some good shots when i get out of work early today... i might need some clarification with the card trick, as im not positive what your referring to, ill have to be looking at my arm and reading your post to figure it out probably.
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    Cartridge Problem?

    it is adjustable on the mmf, but im not completely sure how to do it, as the instructions that came with the deck are pretty vague. anyone have this or a different music hall deck know how to adjust this?
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    Cartridge Problem?

    hey all, my current setup is a music hall mmf 2.1 with an audio technica 440MLa cart, and have noticed something a little weird about the stylus. When playing a record, the stylus itself seems to be riding very low, and it almost seems be bending almost up to the cartridge body. The sound has...
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    cartridge problem?

    double post::: in dedicated source section
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    vinyl finally

    oops this was supposed to be in the source forum