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    Good thread! Started vaping with the usual ego/clearomiser setup. Used those for a few weeks before upgrading the tank to a mini protank, better but the inconsistency of the hits was still an issue. Enter the variable voltage battery, much better in terms of consistency but curiosity and...
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    hd25-1 impressions thread

    SMSL is the brand, SAP-4S is the model. It's a cheap Chinese-made amp, nice quality though both in build and sound quality. It's relatively neutral sounding and puts out 100mw. Adds some good punch to my Ultrasone DJ1 which needs amping to bring out the best of the bottom end, does the same for...
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    hd25-1 impressions thread

    Thanks brother! It's been a long time coming, should have bought these years ago :-)
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    hd25-1 impressions thread

    Took delivery of my HD-25 II basic yesterday. Paid £130 shipped, seemed reasonable. Love these cans, comfy, good isolation, nerdy techie good looks and have yet to find music that doesn't sound great through them. Rockboxed iPod 4g > LOD > SMSL SAP-4S
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    headphone sightings?

    or "tons"
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    Headphone Sightings 2

    Thanks, your illustrations had a room full of people crying with laughter for 5 minutes. Fpoon is now part our regular vocabulary. Comic genius!
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    FIGHT THE BEATS HYPE (Ultrasone HFI-580/HFI 580 appreciation thread)

    Check out Slappa Hardbody heaphone cases, they are purpose designed for DJ headphones and other cans that fold in the same fashion.
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    Sony MDR-XB500 vs Sony MDR-XB700

    Very well put and exactly the reason I got my XB's. They are just incredibly fun and give a wonderful sub-sonic head massage :)
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    Headphones + Subwoofer??

    My old listening chair had a Clark Synthesis transducer bolted to the bottom of it. Serious rumble.
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    Beginning to think all this high end stuff is a con.

    Quote: Wrong homophone wise-guy 
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    Beginning to think all this high end stuff is a con.

    Quote: they don't sound THAT bad.....
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    If you don't like grados...

    Does turning the volume up make them circumaurals?   Leak less sound?   No?   Then no sale 
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    new sony XB500s. problem?

    Quote: This issue is actually mentioned in the documentation that accompanies the headphones. Mine do it too, it's a side effect of the great seal that the huge squishy pads provide. Nothing to worry about fellow basshead ;)
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    Beats sound better then ED8

    Reeeeeeeee-Post.   And the moral in that story? Not all headphones sound good out of a laptop. 
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    FIGHT THE BEATS HYPE (Ultrasone HFI-580/HFI 580 appreciation thread)

    Quote:   Since you didn't like my awesome suggestion for the iBasso D2+  (which isn't an expensive portable amp btw)   How about a Fiio E7 ? It's cheaper...   Don't bother with an E5, they do very little for the 580