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    Class D - heaven or hell ?

    I've owned class A and now use a Hypex class D amp for my speakers. Let's put it like this: A isn't coming back. The only upgrade I might consider is the new nCore series of modules.
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    Does an OPAMP upgrade affect the Headphone out on the X-Fi Forte?

    Quote: That's not so hard. It's a function of the buffer that's usually behind the op-amp. Problem isn't the THD of the op-amp, you don't listen to that but to the amplified version of it.  The 4580 isn't a new chip, it's hardly state-of-the-art. If you want to try: your STX card has...
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    Does an OPAMP upgrade affect the Headphone out on the X-Fi Forte?

    Quote: Hot swapping does refer to the state of the device. It means you're swapping things while they are running. Google it or see: Obviously this is not required for the equipment at hand. You likely meant to say cold plugging or simply...
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    Does an OPAMP upgrade affect the Headphone out on the X-Fi Forte?

    Not too upset? They're selling them, ready to plug into the board... Compatibility matrix here: And hot swapping? You guys are incredible... Just turn the power off. ROFL   More serious now: while I do agree with some of the statements...
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    Does an OPAMP upgrade affect the Headphone out on the X-Fi Forte?

    From what I read on the Forte is that it still uses the opamp (which is logical), but the headphone out also utilises buffers. As changing opamps is a supported feature (Auzentech offers suitable opamps), I'd say swapping the opamp will definately change some of the sound signature of the...
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    External Hardrive(s)

    It depends on the interface, size and capacity you'd like to get, and of course how you'll be using it. Most people tend to buy a ready-to-use USB HDD, but those often are fitted with the very cheapest drives of their manufacturers. If you plan to keep the drive running for 24x7 that's not a...
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    Is the CMOY the best build to learn from? (Toward building a Buffalo II)

    Building a BII is very straight forward. You just need a bit extra information than the normal manual will give you. For this I've created an updated, alternative manual that I posted in the DIYaudio forum...
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    Is a computer a good source?!

    There are a lot of ways to build a great sounding set around a computer. But to do this one should focus on the DAC. Although there are soundcards that will let you achieve good results, the best solution still is an external DAC. The interfaces available on the DAC of your choice should dictate...
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    FLAC Decompression software?

    The compression setting just specifies how extensive a search the tool does to find a function to accurately describe the original input. With todays CPUs the 8 setting is faster than the read speed of your optical drive, so there's no reason not to use it. Also using -8 has no effect on...
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    Dacs with the new sabre dac chip?

    TP is using the Sabre32-series 9018. That's also not the same as the 9008 of the MCD500. Next problem: Sabre chips are offered in different levels of performance. Also most of the chips can run dual quad balanced mode or 8 channel output, but fi. the 9012 chip is stereo only. So yes, the chip in...
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    Query about HDDs

    Quote: I'll just get the 500GB version of the 2 WD Caviars I've got. Get the RAID edition instead. They're much more reliable, they do come at a higher cost though.
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    Good Cheap Anti-Virus for Eee 901

    AVG let's through several well known "problems". My vote would be NOD32 also, it's much faster than the better known Norton/McAfee/etc scanners.
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    60 mm "quiet" fan Oxymoron?

    A 60mm fan uses less than 1W. How much heat do you think the resistor can generate if it uses a part of this energy? And another thought: some cooling is better than no cooling at all.
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    60 mm "quiet" fan Oxymoron?

    Open up the tunnel, and see what parts really need all that cooling. This is typical low end stuff, perhaps the fan was 10c cheaper than fitting a decent heatsink. With a decent heatsink in that tunnel, the parts may not need any active cooling. Also, you can simply put a resistor on one of the...
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    60 mm "quiet" fan Oxymoron?

    In general, 60mm fans are getting too small to build up enough pressure. They have to run faster to compensate. Plus, you need to know the required airflow for the components you're trying to cool to say anything about product choice that makes sense.