Lee Harvey
Feb 5, 2004
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Sr. Web Consultant

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    Sr. Web Consultant
    Photography, Sport Bikes, Touring Bikes, Audiophile interests
    Headphone Inventory:
    Ultimate Ears 5 Pro IEM; Grado SR60, SR125;Sennheiser HD600, HD650; Denon AH-D5000
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Schitt LYR-sold;Audio GD FUN with Sun module, Wolfson 8741;Headroom Total BitHead;Pioneer SX-780;Pioneer SX-1080
    Source Inventory:
    MacBooks, Clear Audio Concept TT w/Ebony Performer, Clear Audio Nano, Schiit Uber'd Bifrost, Schiit Modi, iFi USB PS,
    Cable Inventory:
    Signal Cables, AudioQuest, XLO, Monoprice
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Exposure 2010S2 integrated amp, B&W PM1 speakers;Marantz Amps and Receivers; NAD amps and Receivers; Klipsch; DahlQuist DQ-10s; Minimus 7's; KEF's; NHT VT-2's and SB-1s; More assorted other speakers.


    MacBook -> iFi iUSB, Modi -> Pioneer SX-1080 -> HD650/Reverie, HD600/Panarama, D5000
    iPad, iPod -> Total Bithead -> UE Pro 5 IEM

    Speaker rig: MacBook, Bifrost-Uber & USB upgrades, Clear Audio Concept w/Ebony Performer, Clear Audio Nano, Exposure 2010S2, B&W PM1
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