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    Denon AH-D5000 Headphones - EXC+ Condition w/Box

    I bought 2-pairs of these, and this one has been sitting for years unused.  Here's your chance to own a legend.  I have feedback in the archive portion of this forum.   -Excellent condition with a few marks as shown in the photos. -Original box included -I accept PayPal and will ship within 1...
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    WTB: HeadRoom Portable Desktop Strap

    Title and Pictures say it all.  Let me know if you have one you're willing to part with.
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    What kind of DACs and software are you using with the Mac Mini?

    I use iTunes.  I stream music to an Airport Express, and then use a fiber optic cable from the Airport Express to a HeadRoom Ultra Desktop Amp.  In my experience, optical sounds better than USB.  
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    HeadRoom Micro Stack

    -Micro Amp Has 2005 Desktop Module -Units Operate on 9 Volt Batteries or AC Power -Micro Stack Strap and Micro Stack Bag Included -US Buyers Only Please -iPod Not Included In Sale
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    Found - Shure Medium and Large Foam Tips (aka Shure Olives)

    Title says it all.  I need to determine which fits me without buying 20 pairs.
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    Sean bought a pair of headphones from me. He paid quickly, and the transaction was flawless.
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    Todd R

    Todd bought my beloved Wheatfield HA-2. It gives me comfort knowing that it went to a good home......... Just another great transaction with an early head-fi member!
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    HeadRoom Micro DAC 9V Version - SOLD

    -Minty -I'm The Original Owner -120 Volt or 230 Volt Power Supply, Your Choice -SOLD -PayPal or USPS Money Order Accepted for Payment
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    FS: Wheatfield HA-2 - SOLD

    SOLD -Amp designed by Pete Millett -Excellent Condition -6SN7 Tubes Included: Ken Rad VT-231, Sylvania 6SN7 Brown Base, GE 6SN7GTB... -6080/6AS7 Tubes Included: Tung Sol 5998, RCA 6AS7, RCA 6080, Sylvania 6080, Tung Sol 6080, Sylvania 7236.... -Rectifier Tubes Included: Tung Sol 5U4G...
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    I just finished a transaction with Joe, where I sold him my Hornet. Overall it was a very smooth transaction, with excellent communication throughout. Enjoy Joe.
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    Sold Jim an ALO LOD. He paid immediately. Highly Recommended.
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    I just finished a nice transaction with Barbarous. He paid immediately. No problems here......