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    Klipsch High End Over Ear-your input appreciated

    I'm drooling over that last pair! These look phenomenal!
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    Klipsch High End Over Ear-your input appreciated

    Those look gorgeous! As a proud owner of multiple sets of Klipsch's Heritage speakers, I would love to own a high quality pair of Klipsch headphones.
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    Grace Design x Massdrop m9XX DAC/Amp Review: First Impressions

    So are there any better options out there in this price range? I don't want to miss out on this drop. I've looked at the O2 dac/amp combo, but I can't ignore the great Grace unit reviews.
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    Philips Fidelio X2?!

    Probably all the ones that have been returned by members here. :wink:
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    Philips Fidelio X2?!

    Good lord, all this over a $200 purchase? Don't like them, return them.
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    Fostex x Massdrop TH-X00 Review

        This is pretty much my takeaway with these headphone.  They are great, but my ears start burning up after 30 minutes or so.
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    Massdrop AKG K812 Giveaway! - COMPLETE!

    Massdrop Name:  LazyEar   I'd like to see more turntables.
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    Replacement Pads Denon AH-D950

    Awesome!  Thanks for the heads up!
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    $75-$100 Open-backed Headphones for Various Genres

    My vote goes to the AKG K240's.  I think they are excellent headphones.  You could order both from somewhere with a good return policy, like Amazon, and audition them for a week to see which ones you prefer and return the other.
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    Replacement Pads Denon AH-D950

    Hey guys -    I'm not even sure if the pads can be replaced on my old Denon AH-D950's, but if they can, does anyone have any recommendations?  Besides the pads starting to fall apart they are in great condition.  I love listening to them and would hate to box them up because the pads are...
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    Looking to get a new pair of headphones, what should I get?

    I'd probably post this question in the Full-Size or Summit-Fi subsections.
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    Looking for good-cheap IEM's

    One of the best buys for the the price. I use these on a regular basis and they have done a great job so far.
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